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not that i condone it from any fighter but i hope for reem to walk a straight line and not get busted again

Favorite fighters in no specific order
Chuck Lidell
Jon Jones
Uriah Faber
Anderson Silva
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Originally Posted by mixmastermo View Post
I hope Nick Diaz does get caught again...

Not necessarily because I want bad things to happen to him, but because I want his die hard moron fans to STFU about him already.
I hear more complaining from people trashing his fans than I ever hear his fans speak (aside from at fight time when fans are out in peak numbers). I'm impartial on the subject, just an observation.

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Caught as in a fight? Cheick Congo.

Caught as in drugs? They should all be caught....But Nick Diaz getting busted for pot time and time again is great..

like "Oh shit, he smoked a joint before the fight???? Man, he's really giving himself an edge over the other fighters...."

LMao what a joke

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Originally Posted by Killroy View Post
Lold hard but ya this guy.

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aaron c thomas

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Originally Posted by Gotti McCarran View Post
It's not trolling. It's simple logic. You want to see the best fights? Then you gotta have fighters in their best shape. Steroids help them train and recover and thus enable them to get bigger, faster and better than they otherwise would. As a result you get to witness the best fights between the best fighters.

And that's exactly what is going on in MMA anyway right now anyway. If you can cycle and you got a good source for the right testosterone, you will pass that test. There is so much talk about testing people in training, yet we've never heard of this happening ever, besides one single time for Overeem. And he got popped straight away. Then he was tested a few ore times apparently randomly and came in sooo much softer, much less aggressive and got knocked out by a guy he would have normally stopped within 3 minutes of the first round. He just wasn't "himself" in that fight. You see if you want that wrecking machine Overeem in there every time, you are gonna have to accept the PEDs that are necessary for this to happen.

It's incredibly hypocrticial to expect the best performances out of all the guys every time and expect them to come in without injuries and be solid black belts with great Muay Thai and boxing that can easily outwrestle division 1 level All Americans at wrestling, yet be clean at all time at the same time. Yet that's what lots of fans demand, it's what the fans pay to see basically. We want those types of phenoms and we expect them to come in the best shape ever and go hard for every second and every minute of 3 gruelsome long rounds. The way to do that is to train hard for 2-3 2 hour sessions a day and that's almost impossible to achieve naturally. You can perhaps cruise through those sessions doing the absolute minimum, but you cannot push yourself hard. It's practically impossible to have the work capacity for it naturally.

So if you want that type of training and those types of fighters on every card, then you are going to have to support the use of steroids for the athletes involved. It's the only way they can stay healthy and recover from that giant workload. It's the only way for them to keep improving at the level that fans request from the guys.

Now you may think about this differently, but a lot of greats have pointed the above out numerous times in steroid discussions around the internet. The bottom line is that the kind of stuff we expect from the top level athletes these days are usually not possible without steroids.

And MMA is perhaps the most gruelsome training anyone can do.

If nobody was juicing then people like the guy you called troll wouldn't support juicing either, but the way it is right now, the majority of people are using something. The athletes tell us this all the time. It's just that we look away or don't listen. The list of fighters with puffy female looking nipples and rock hard abs is getting longer by the day. That's because if you know when you will be tested, there is no reason whatsoever to not cycle. These guys are pros. Their pay-check depends on how well they do and steroids can make anyone better by as much as few years of solid training can, but in a matter of a few weeks. And when you use too much and eventually your testies quit their job, you just apply for TRT legally and that's that. Heck even Dana and the Fertittas themselves are juice heads, admittedly not for athletic reasons. They just want the youth, most likely the recovery as well and they probably welcome the looks they get from them.

These days people could relatively safely use steroids, getting their blood work every one or two weeks.

Those are the kinds of things the guy thinks about, when he says he wants everyone to use, because he wants to see the best fights between the best fighters at their best fitness all the time.

It's not trolling at all, it's just one of the two non-hypocritical stances you could have. You could say I'm all for these guys using steroids. That's the best and safest way to train at the level I demand for them to train at in order to perform to the standards I expect. The other non-hypocritical stance would be, we should get them all to stop using, so that things become fair again. If you support that you should at least demand random testing all the time. This should be done by both the Comission and the UFC, but also probably by a good independent lab that somebody else pays, like a fund by all the fighters and fans that want to see steroid use stop. It should be done like at least 3 times (by each, so 9 in total) per fighter per year outside of the normal testing routine. It would have to be totally random as far as areas where they collect samles and when they collect them. They would have to also test for painkillers, drugs and what not. And they should just stroll in and demand a sample at any time. If the athlete is not where he says he will be, he will get marked down. If this happens twice you get the pink slip. If it happens for a third time you get an automatic one year ban from the sport. And even that wouldn't be enough due to designer steroids as well as HGH and the like.

So if you think the second idea is impractical the first idea sudenly doesn't seem like trolling any more. I personally think how Dana and most of the fans handle it right now is about the most hypocritical thing anyone could ever do. You basically give these guys a pass and say, if we happen to catch you anyway, you will get blamed publicly. But if you don't use, that's your fault too. That is essentially what is going on and why there are so many "natural" bodybuilders in MMA, who happen to be cardio monsters as well and are still proficient at at least three sports and can maintain their mass year around even while running and training all day every day.
I wish I had time to reply to this completely. I would never "demand" anything from any athlete that would even encourage their cheating. I want to see real and natural men and women perform in mma and all sports really.
Seemed like a troll with a simple sentence that appeared to invoke emotion.
Also, all medicines are toxic. Roids are not safe.

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