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Old 02-19-2014, 10:11 PM   #391

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Originally Posted by Momanjabo View Post
Alright, most of us can agree that Dana is a piece of shit, but Dana doesn't exactly decide these kinds of things. The Fertittas aren't really innocent either. Dana is just the face of the company.
True. Does anyone know if the Sheik has any power in making decisions ?

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Why does Dana care? The whole thing seems off.

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Old 02-19-2014, 10:35 PM   #393
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How many guy call him not wanting to do deal with sponsors?


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Old 02-20-2014, 04:43 AM   #394
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Originally Posted by MMAgirlie View Post
I don't really get so many of the "fans" who take the stance of "It's a business and these guys sign a contract - if they don't like it, they are free to get another job." Strictly speaking, it's not about whether they are being treated lawfully, it's an issue of whether the fighters are being treated well enough to entice other potential fighters to want to enter MMA and make it their primary focus for the earlier part of their life.

When some fast, strong, agile, flexible, tough young man who trains at an MMA gym during high school hits his college years he may actually want to get into MMA because it's something he's passionate about. If the general feeling of this pursuit is that it is a quick way to get a low paycheque, health issues for life, and enter into the workforce late with no skills, there is very little incentive for a young and talented athlete to take the leap into MMA as opposed to pursuing another sport or a regular career. The other sport treats him like a hot commodity, whereas the UFC - and, evidently, its fans - treat it like it's a privilege for him to put his body on the line and he should be lucky to make 30k a year doing it.

What does this do to the fans and the sport? It allows creeps like Dana to continue to massively profit without having to take the steps to make the sport all it can be by giving top grade athletes proper incentive to make MMA their primary focus. If you want more than a little sprinkling of top grade talent, you pay the athletes enough to make it worth top grade talent taking the risk of getting into it. At this point, they are not doing this, and fans seem to stumble over each other to justify the garbage pay fighters receive - and hurt themselves and the sport in the long run. The only winner when you treat a fighter like a bum who should be privileged to make 8k a fight in the top league in the sport is the UFC, and both the fighters and the fans lose out.
Some of these fans are the same people who said Melendez should be thankful UFC gave him the privilege of fighting for a title in his UFC debut. And because he narrowly lost that fight that he shouldn't be unhappy with the UFC trying to set up a contract paying him less then he feels he is worth. They act like Melendez was handed a title shot when outside of Pettis nobody else was even close to being worthy, and Gilbert earned his title shot with everything he had done outside the UFC. They rag on Melendez accepting Bellator's offer instead of ragging on the UFC for not matching their off effectively letting a top 3 Lightweight fighter walk away because they don't think he is worth much.

The fighters making 6k/6k in their debuts is patheticly low for a "professional" sports league. they rob not only the fights but they rob us fans too. Many of these fighters are scraping by for most of their short MMA careers. The less money the fighters have the less money that they can spend on bettering their bodies, and their training which in turn robs us fans from seeing higher quality fighters. Dana has gone on record saying paying fighters more makes them lazy and worst fighters. Does that make any sense? Are Lebron, Kobe, and etc worst athletes because they get paid handsomely?

It's stupid backwards logic the UFC applies to keep the fighters down.

Nobody should be celebrating Zuffa's recent choices. Not the stupid "uniforms", not possibly dropping Melendez, or the PPV price raise along with the Fight Pass nonsense. Oh wait I guess you can be happy if you are a waiter at one of Dana's favorite restaurants where he will be glad to tip you more then he pays the average UFC fighter.

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Almost everything that comes out of Dana's mouth is pure bullshit. When you deal with someone like this in person its very obvious when they're lying. It's so obvious with Dana you can tell from text.

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Originally Posted by rindan View Post
“It's not as big as everybody makes it out to be,” said White, when asked about the possibility of uniforms that would put the company more in line with other professional sports leagues, in regards to presentation. “The guys worried about big sponsorship dollars, those are the guys that are making tons of money anyway

“The lower level guys? They're not making a bunch from sponsorship.

“Do you know how many fighters call me and say they don't want to deal with sponsorships anymore?” White queried. “What can you do? It's not as plentiful as everybody makes it out to be.”

The uniform would likely encompass fight shorts, walkout shirt and hats, and every fighter in the UFC would wear it. Even the top dogs of the UFC would be required to wear the uniform.

ufc fighters are blessed to have somebody like uncle dana who is always looking after their interests
The UFC should drop all their sponsors as well then, like bud light..etc you know cuz they make tons of money already!

"Fedor by relentless, aggressive violence. [Insert Name] would simply crumble at the sheer speed and force in which fedor attacks, the guy is like a grandmaster at speed chess when he does battle."
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the best evah

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Originally Posted by okilian View Post
The UFC should drop all their sponsors as well then, like bud light..etc you know cuz they make tons of money already!
Lol exactly this, and I gurantee you the reason why Dana is pushing this uniform idea is because some huge sports company like Nike or reebok said well pay you a bunch of money if we become the primary logo on the fighters shorts, so when these uniforms are revealed dont be surprised if we see under the ufc logo a Nike logo or some other big companies logo, idk what it is but Dana white in particular has been really getting on my nerves recently.

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holy crap man

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Originally Posted by Norther View Post
lmfao, i know right. dana looking out for the fighters as always. i hope dana is reincarnated as a toilet bowl brush in a mexican restaurant
biggup, bro. two thumbs up


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you hear that Nate don't need no sponsorship money.

uneducated fool

GSP stepped away with the most wins in UFC history, the most wins in UFC title fights, a better win % than both Andy & Fedor, almost as many top 5 wins as both of them combined & avenged all losses
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