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can anyone give me a link to the prelims? the one on fb isn't working.

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I'm only following the Fox 8 card on sherdog at the moment and I'm wondering about

The 30-27 scores going in opposite directions in a couple of fights, has every round been super close or is it another night of horrendous judging ? Has it been the same judges going opposite scores ?

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We don't know the judges
Someone is fucking up badly

Cruickshank vs Edwards was close, but they got it wrong imo

Please book Barboza vs Pettis
And bring back Stitch
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Originally Posted by Dart Feld View Post
There can also be close fights that have one or more round with a definite winner.

There's really no reasonable justification for Trevor Smith getting a 30-27 as the first was easily Hermans.

That was the case with Varner/Guillard as well.
I am not talking about any specific fight. I am addressing the misunderstanding so many seem to have that a 30-27 or 50-45 is not close.

It is entirely possible that a 30-27 or 50-45 could be perceived as closer then a 29-28 or a 48-47.

in a 29-28 if one guy clearly won 2 rounds or in a 48-47 one guy clearly won 3 rounds there could be no doubt and no dispute over who won. Everyone could agree.

In a 50-45 or 30-27 the judges and everyone else could agree the rounds were all razor close and could go either way. thus the 50-45 and 30-27 fights could be closer then the 48-47 and 29-28 which is something many shertards seem to not comprehend as they react to the score only.

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Originally Posted by Beatdatass View Post
This is embarassing for MMA. There's no standard judging criteria.

How the HELL can you have 1 judge scoring it a sweep for 1 fighter and another scoring it a sweep for his opponent?

THAT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE! This isn't just an isolated incident either. There have been 3 such scorecards on the prelims ALONE. Insane.
So there's this thing called math, it's really cool. Watch how it works.

Let's say we have a fight where 50% of people think fighter A won round 1, and 50% of people think fighter B won it. Same thing in rounds 2 and 3.

There is a mathematical % odds, which I could calculate but it's not an easy or quick calculation and I'm too hungover, sorry. But anyway, I'd estimate it around 5% chance, or 1 in 20 fights like that, you'll get the 30-27 split like this.

It doesn't say anything about the quality of judging. It's just a mathematically possible outcome when all the rounds are close. The closer they are, the higher the chance. It would actually be outlandish if it DIDN'T happen from time to time.

This post is ALLLLL OVER!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Blindead View Post
There's nothing crazy about it. People really have such a terrible understanding of scoring. 30-27 doesn't mean you whooped the guy's ass. It means you could have edged each round by just 1%. The fight can be razor thin with the judges disagreeing on who edged it just because they place different value on different things (volume vs damage).


Thank the fucking lord I'm not the only person here who understanding judging.

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