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Originally Posted by Cyantist View Post

TS find yourself an excuse for this shit thread
What's the matter? Still upset one of Rousey's pets hurt herself punching so hard?

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You really just got It?

Everything a fighter say apart from "he is a better fighter than me" or "I'll train more next time" is an excuse in Sherdog.

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It's disrespectful to the other fighter. He didn't win because he fought better, he won because I had x, y and z... I defeated myself, etc.

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Originally Posted by GDI View Post
I do find it odd that no one gave Weidman any shit about his post fight interview. Saying he had a tough weight cut, wasn't 100 percent, AND hurt his knee. Essentially downplaying how well Machida did.

Machida, to my knowledge made no excuses.

However, of those roles were reversed, imagine the crap Machida would have caught on Sherdog.
Well, since Weidman is american, he gets a free pass at Sherdog. If he was brazilian, there would be like 245 posts giving him all kind of crap.

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Getting injured during a fight, then saying you lost because of said injury, is without question an excuse. The other dude injured you. That's why you lost.

Being sick or something before the fight happens is a reason.

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The reason it's obnoxious is because it's so rare for someone to come in with no real hardships from a camp. The guy that wins likely has reasons he doesn't perform even better than he could have. We even hear winners sometimes say "I broke my hand in the first round" or "I had a rough camp"... but since it doesn't sound like an implied excuse, we ignore it.

When a guy says he had x or y wrong with him, I figure it's legit the first time. If it happens every time he loses, I feel he's just looking for reasons to place blame elsewhere.

One of my favorite fighters, Arona, did it every time he lost. To be fair he had some legit reasons like being head-butted, being sandbagged by Wandy, and having a 105-degree fever. ....... but it still gets old after the second excuse.

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Originally Posted by Cake4Breakfast View Post
A lot of fans don't want anything beyond the fighter saying that the other guy was better that night. There are reasons as to why things happen in a fight, including random variation (a coin flip coming up as heads sometimes and tails sometimes), but a lot of fans want to believe that if fighter A beats fighter B, then fighter A is the better fighter now, forever, and previously.

Then there are media folks whose jobs are to write about something, anything, and when a fighter breaks the social rule and gives a reason, then it is an excuse, and they have something to write about, and the excuse will continue to be written about until that fighter wins a rematch, then everyone will believe that excuse was true because now fighter B is better than fighter A forever, and in the past.
There's a lot of truth there. Plus, a lot of times fans will latch onto the "excuses" of fighters they don't care for while totally ignoring when their favorites do the same thing.

Fans want to know every little thing, and the fact is that fighters are not 100% the same every fight and might have a little injury here or a bad weight cut there, but when fans, and the reporters who represent them, finally find something many latch onto it and act as if the fighter is making excuses.

Sometimes an excuse is an excuse, but sometimes it's just a reason.

EFFECTIVE STRIKING does incude damage first and foremost. This DOES mean even cuts & bruises. Unified Rules->
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Sherdog logic: brazilians have excuses, americans have reasons, "is normal" comments are also linked to this topic as a way of showing your creativity

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What fighters call "reasons"
Fans call "excuses"

No one wins


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Originally Posted by Ozze View Post
So almost every time a guy says something about a fight he lost people will say that it was an excuse.

“Had a bad camp” – excuse
“Had a cold the night before” – excuse
“Broke my rib during the fight” – excuse

It almost doesn’t matter what they say, it will be viewed as an excuse.
But the fact is that fighters get interviewed after a fight and they have to say something, they can’t just walk away from the question. So what should change?

a) Us, the fans, that most of the times don’t accept their answers and explanations (specially of the guys we don’t like) and always find a way to discredit their reasons (“so what you broke your hand? Fighter X one a fight in 1993 with a broken arm!”)
b) The fighters, who should just stop trying to explain every loss and just say “He was better than me that night. Simple as that. But I believe I can do better, so I’ll train harder and come back stronger”.

Or am I just being to “black or white” and is it possible to find something in between?
I think it is , plain and simply, the ol' envy.
Most Sherdoggers are basically looking for anything to bash a fighter they don't like, or someone that will/can fight his/her favorite fighter.

They simply forget (or are oblivious) that the fighter is answering 100000 questions, and most questions are about "what happened last fight", "how they can improve", "what went wrong last fight" and so on.

Besides, they simply have to find justification!
Because they need to believe they can do better.
If they did not, then I don't think they would keep fighting just for the sake of it, knowing they can't overcome an obstacle. This is not a sport to do that!

So I don't think that most of these are excuses (some are, but I rather give the benefit of the doubt and see how they fare next time than bash them for trying to be candid while answering a reporter's question).

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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