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Old 12-27-2013, 11:04 PM   #131
Lionel Mandrake

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I thought Gomi and GSP both won.

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The Gomi robbery cost me a grand.

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Originally Posted by CoffeeAndBeer View Post
Gomi vs Diego was not as bad as I remember it (just watched it again). It's not like Gomi dominated.
It wasn't that bad, but Diego/Kampmann definitely was because I'd be reasonably confident in saying that Diego did not have one single moment of effective offense there.

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Old 12-27-2013, 11:21 PM   #134

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Originally Posted by Futureal View Post

He was taken from us far too soon. I vote Jimi.
you sir are an awesome person for this post

Whoever took CobraKai...I Hate U
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Old 12-27-2013, 11:50 PM   #135

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Originally Posted by klimt View Post
According to Sherdoggers, every close fight that didn't go the way they wanted is a 'robbery'. Bunch of dramatic babies around these parts.

I had sort of a revelation after GSP/Hendricks (even though Jones/Guss almost did it) that not only do people use the word robbery simply when they don't agree with a decision, even if a solid 50% of the world feels the opposite, but they also talk about the judges being complete shit and how anyone would be better than the current judges we have

and I read all that and sort of looked back at all the "bad" decisions and all the "robberies" and times when judges were supposedly horrible and I realized something: In almost every "robbery" situation, it's not even close to unanimious.

It's not even 80%.

Think about that. If the decision to a fight was blatantly obvious and the wrong guy got the nod, wouldn't the polls show that at least 90 to 95% of the people feel that way? (assuming at least 5 to 10 are trolls or something)

but that's never the case. In most "robberies" polls are split down THE MIDDLE.

Jones/Gus is a perfect example. 50% of people were saying gus was robbed but 50% agreed with the decision.

So if half the people in the world agree with the can you be so sure it was a robbery? That sounds like arrogance to me. That sounds like "I think MY opinion is the one that matters and no one elses"

Most "robberies" in MMA are really just close fights. Period. They're close fights that could've gone either way and thus somewhere between 40 and 60% agree with the decision and somewhere between 40 and 60% disagree.

But if there's a group that large that says the decision was not robbery (even if they are in the 40 minority) how can you be so positive that it was a robbery?

A lot of people will chalk this up to "bias GSP fans" but even GSP/Hendricks, the immediate polls after were like 70/30 hendricks (which btw is actually one of the bigger one sided polls i'd ever seen about a decision but...) the next day the "now that i've rewatched the fight" polls were closer to 60/40 hendricks.

So unless you just want to convince yourself it's all bias can you write off 30 to 40% of the people saying they think the decision is right?

and when it comes to "judges being terrible" how can you not realize that if 1 out every 3 people think fighter A won the fight, then there's a pretty decent chance that 2 of those people will end up being 2 of the 3 judges (there's obviously a higher chance for the other guy but 1 out 3 is not some absurdly small fraction like 1/1000)

bottom line is: most "robberies" are really just fights that could've gone either way but people get it in their heads that their opinion is the only one that matters and anyone who disagrees is bias, trolling, or just stupid.

but here's the thing... the other side? They think the exact same thing. Those 30 to 40% think if you can't see it their way YOU are bias, trolling, or stupid.

everyone always thinks they're the smartest guy in the room but the truth is we all are just people, we're all right sometimes and wrong sometimes and when it comes to opinions, it's pretty hard to be "wrong" because it's all subjective anyway.

So when someone says they agree with a controversial decision, don't jump to the "you don't know shit about mma" bullshit because they probably do know just as much as you do, maybe even more, they just have a different opinion.

GSP/Hendricks really is the standardized test for this to me because I think if you can't rewatch that fight and really analyze it (cause the 1st viewing you're adrenline's pumping and things always seem to hurt the guy more than they did or vise versa) and not come to the conclusion that it could easily go either way: I just don't understand you.

I think the 1st round is most subjective round in MMA history in regards to it comes down to what you score more (if you give as much credit for sub attempts as takedowns for example... GSP but if you don't care about them...hendricks)

so it blows my mind that anyone would be like "it's absolutely hendricks and not even close"

I call that the sherdog IQ test

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Originally Posted by Prairieboy View Post
close fights aren't robberies.

Watch Nog/Ricco then come back and try to say that Gus, Gomi and Hendricks were robbed.
Just being in guard/on top shouldn't win you shtt.

Minotauro was the one going after it with sub attempts while Ricco was just riding it out. And Minotauro was even active with strikes from the bottom.

PRIDE Rules do not = Unified Rules

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I think GSP-Hendricks was at the very least close to a robbery, but Gomi-Sanchez is a legit one. I can't quite comprehend how Gomi lost that one.

The more I think about confirmation bias, the more I see it everywhere.

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Old 12-28-2013, 05:18 PM   #138

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Considering Hendricks wasn't a robbery....

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Old 12-28-2013, 05:20 PM   #139
Muay Cry
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Hendricks would have needed to be robbed for it to be a robbery. GSP beat him fair & square. Same with Jones beating Gus.

Gomi was straight robbed, that was disgusting, even though I had money on Diego.

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