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Old 05-09-2014, 11:41 AM   #401
Bubson Bubba

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Zuffa is fighting a lost battle anways.

Stop hating them!!
It ain't always Butthurt.
Gus wins the Jones rematch.
Hendricks defends the belt at least 5 times.
Barao is the BEST. Deal with it.
VIP seats on Khabib, Rumble hypocopter.
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Aas Gutú Adéli
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Originally Posted by jeremyemilio View Post
And then you throw in plagiarism!

That's hilarious. Plagiarism is about intellectual dishonesty. It's about pretending someone else's words or ideas are your own, which is against the rules in certain contexts and just plain douchey in others.

Speaking of being douchey, if you want to pretend you're an expert you need to venture further than wikipedia. Compiling a list of concepts they file under 'intellectual property' doesn't really constitute research.

And then coming back here and disputing the more nuanced clarifications being offered by someone who has done actual PhD research on the topic is just poor form... especially when your precious wiki page actually just reiterates pretty much all of the same information the guy you are disputing just laid out.

And 'stop copying me' in middle school and the corporate world (which are pretty much the same) isn't generally about plagiarism... it's about things like "Hey, I wore my jeans rolled first... stop copying me!" or "Hey, that's my joke... stop copying me!"

It was foolish then, and it's foolish now. You don't want people copying you? Fine. Keep all the trade secrets you like. But if someone else comes up with a similar idea, then tough cookies; you'll need to compete.

And don't put your ideas out there for the public to see and then get all litigious because someone thinks "You know, that really is a better way of doing this... I'm gonna do that, too."

Imagine what the Olympic high jump would look like if Fosbury had patented his flop! Imagine the money he could charge for the rights.

"Listen kid, yer a great athlete, and you're legs are coiled steal springs... but if you wanna win the high jump, you're gonna have to pay Fosbury what he's got coming to him."

All utter nonsense that the world buys into because everyone dreams that one day s/he will be the one to come up with an idea some afternoon and get to take the rest of life off.
The wiki page does reiterate much of what that guy said but it covers more angles. What was said about patents for instance was partly in point but it was such a small piece of the picture that it was either dishonest it misinformed. It made it sound like patent trolls are the entirety of patent law.

If you spend $10B of R&D to make a device that can be reverse engineered and cloned in within six months, there's not much reason to sink that investment without protection.

I think programming patents often stifle innovations in nonsensical ways. I don't disagree with what you're saying about locking down ways of moving or ways of doing business, but the world of ideas is very big and the laws and protections and incentives vary wildly.

I'm not an expert but I'm educated specifically in this field. It's unreasonable to try to meaningfully try to synopsize trade secrets into a pithy Sherdog retort when it can fill multiple chapters of a text book. So I advise people that are curious to read about it themselves elsewhere.

(I'm in court now, or I might take more a stab at it tbh )

the nights that make me feel dumbest in this sport are the ones that make me appreciate it most
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Any Libertarian who is interested in the IP discussion should check out this debate:

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Donating some ammo seems more relevant in this case.....

Just declare bankruptcy and get it over with, buddy.

Jon Bones Jones is the undisputed GOAT of MMA, anyone who disagrees is nothing but a blind hater and imo a borderline racist

If he were Russian sherdog would be worshiping him as the new Messiah
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Originally Posted by Cyantist View Post
Wonder how much of that 32 million payout will go to the fighters if they win
It's a moot point because I would be shocked if this guy has 32K let alone 32 Million.

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Aas Gutú Adéli
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Originally Posted by jeremyemilio View Post
Yes. They can sue people in other countries.

But in the US they can sue for $250,000 per infringement while in other countries they need to show actual damages and that's the amount for which they can sue.

Canada is an exception to this rule. In Canada you can also get a statutory payout unrelated to damages. The amount? $5000 for ALL infringements combined.

i.e. If This guy was Canadian, Zuffa would be suing him in small claims court.

So, yeah... in other countries it's more like 'tap a mole.' Which is why Zuffa limits most of its litigation to the US. Which is exactly the point being made by the poster that you felt it necessary to 'enlighten' with your 'expertise.'
Suing the likes of this guy, it doesn't really matter if it's $5k or $250k, he's seemingly collection proof. Either number is likely more than he can pay. Slapping him, getting an injunction and freezing his account is all they really need.

the nights that make me feel dumbest in this sport are the ones that make me appreciate it most
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Old 05-09-2014, 07:22 PM   #407

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Wow, what a huge d^ck move by Zuffa. $36,000,000.00??? Seriously?

If/when this guy gets on disability, depending on what they give him monthly, he will probably have to pay them $20-30 a month for the rest of his life.

If he lives another 40 years(unlikely) or if Zuffa is even still around in 40 years(also unlikely), they will have collected around 10-15k at best from this guy. Brilliant PR move there Zuffa.

A HUGE percentage (if not nearly all) of the people who download these torrents or watch illegal streams, are piss poor and would not buy the actual event if these torrents and sites didn't exist. So really Zuffa isn't losing out on any money, they're just being twats.

Down with the Machine!

"Useing no way as way; haveing no limitations as limitation."-Bruce Lee
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