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Old 12-19-2013, 11:18 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by runfrumu View Post
Could be. Young men get more pussy. Older men a generally married and tired of fucking the same woman. All that testosterone just builds in the jimmy's until they reach critical levels, which triggers a mid-life crisis, causing the man to make stupid decision in hopes of impressing younger women into allowing him to release his essence inside them.
Sounds like you're speaking from actual experience.

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Andy Hug

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Ever since I started taking steroids my life became even better. Plus, ever since tren my arms look like two veiny ***** hanging from my shoulders

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What a surprise this is wasteland

If Shogun ever wears the LHW belt again, I swear I will marry the crazy psycho bitch,have many babies with her because that will be the ultimate sign from God.
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Originally Posted by footodors View Post
Anyone really think the doc had him up his dosage so much that he pops? you think the doc is that stupid or incompetent?
Bigfoot saw the email as a chance to spike his t-levels and then blame it on the doc. Figured he had a free pass.
Well, he never struck me as being the sharpest pen in the drawer.

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Your thread is inaccurate and you should feel inadequate, TS.

A fighter on TRT does not need to be above 1100ng/L to test positive.
Keith Kizer has stated several times that anything above 600 could be considered cheating. And most commissions follow the NSAC's lead.
Bigfoot's test levels could very well have been 1x what they "naturally" should be for a man his age.

Until the official numbers are released, you're just speculating wildly.

And his "natural" test level isn't healthy.
Let's not forget Bigfoot has a malfunctioning pituitary gland due to his acromegaly.
He's probably the only fighter in the UFC who legitimately needs synthetic testosterone to function properly.

Not making any excuses for him, though. He took too much.

Don't try to argue with me, I'm a woman.
Trust me, this won't end well.
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Originally Posted by bully4me View Post

You are JOKING RIGHT ?? Because, what you are basically saying is that if a person does not have a NATURAL ability to compete in a sport and there is a way to FIX that then why not... Well because that IS the definition of CHEATING ! I'm sorry but if your body does not allow you to get to the point of competition because of whatever reason then you do not compete just like all the other people in the world that may not have such physical gifts. ...
I hope you realize you are making up a definition though.

It is not generally considered cheating to accept medical science that helps you get to NORMAL and then to compete. A few years back an Achilles tendon rupture would be a career ender for any athlete. A person cannot NATURALLY fix that but medical science can return him to normal which then allows him to compete.

this is where you reply that a hormone replacement therapy =/= an injury and you are right. None of the various things medical science can do to repair various injuries or malfunctions are the same. But the underlying premise IS the same.

The underlying premise is that as long as the medical science is only returning the person to a NORMAL state then the person should be allowed to compete as they are not gaining any advantage over others who are naturally performing at that same level.

Now you can say you disagree with that and that medical science should not be allowed to help people return to a normal state, period. Or you can say for certain injuries or conditions you are OK with medical science helping and in others you are not. And all of that is ok. But you also have to then recognize that not everyone will share your opinion and that is all it is an OPINION.

I for one do not think anyone who has been caught abusing steroids in the past should be allowed to compete on TRT after. But I have no issue with a person born to a certain condition, and who uses TRT to be normal, competing. But that is just my opinion and I am ok with others disagreeing.

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