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Borg Justino would have a hard time making 135, but she can. She would have to lose a little bit of fat/muscle and be clean. Showing up clean would make about 10 lbs of difference right there.

When you are around competitive athletics as long as Ronda, you learn that when you fight someone heavier than you, or who has a naturally bigger frame, you want the lightest weight possible. Not only would the heavier fighter be somewhat burdened the bigger cut, but they would ONLY be able to make weight by being clean.

The "risk" in this, is that if your opponent is deadly, like Borg Justino, she might gain in speed what she loses in weight, and she might not necessarily punch with less power.

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Roy Nelson needs to incorporate the Springboard Moonsault off the cage. That would improve his game greatly.
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Originally Posted by skombolis View Post
I will trust your memory on how it started. All I remember is Rhonda dropped down to fight Tate, looking like she was avoiding Cyborg to me. But maybe she had said some stuff prior

And no I don't blame Cyborg for trying. I just don't think she has any chance in succeeding

But the part that I don't get is some of the fans that act like Rhonda has some obligation to fight out of promotion at a catch-weight against a dangerous fighter who had their opportunity to fight in the UFC and turned it down. But even if she hadn't, it just would be stupid career management on Rhonda's part. Champs do not enjoy risking their belt. They certainly don't seek out unconventional ways to get in front of a dangerous fighter at a weight that isn't to their advantage. I don't think she is scared as much as why take the risk? There is no question it would be a risky fight. And everything she has going for her right now hinges on that belt

I actually feel bad for Cyborg a little. I think Tito is a jackass and I think its a shame in a way to see Cyborg this desperate to stay relevant. I don't know if she is locked into her Invicta contract. I'd like to see her in the UFC
nobody is locked into an invicta contract. the owner of invicta seriously bends over backwards to progress women's mma and will allow her fighters freedoms no other promotion will. she would let cyborg go fight in the ufc if she wanted.

a reporter just asked Randy what Toney said to him after the fight. His answer: "He said good job; or at least I think that's what he said..."
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Originally Posted by aker2703 View Post
the UFC offered to pay her to fight in Invicta while slowing moving down in weight so she could make 135lbs... the plan was for her to fight 3-4 times in Invicta (way more than seven months) yet Tito asked for her release.......

please at least to try to get your facts straight before posting
You don't know what you're talking about.

Tito, her fucking manager, said Dana want her to fight Honda at 135 in "1.5 MONTHS". Tito said to get her there "SAFELY"....."maybe JULY". Above video was released January, so that's about 6 months...close to what I said as I was going by memory.

Tito could be stupid as shit in asking for her release, yet still fight in Invicta like Dana wanted;, but it could be that he doesn't want the Dana controlling her. Who knows.

Base on Tito claiming that Dana wanted her to drop to 135 in 1.5 months, points towards him not wanting Dana manipulating his fighter. Use your common sense.

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Originally Posted by skombolis View Post

Calm down little emotional boy

Tate hates Rousey and you are deluded if you think otherwise. You think things like blowing kisses at her during stare-down pics for promotions or bringing pictures of her trainer with he eyebrow were not done with the absolute intention of getting Rhonda to lose her cool?

Tate has gotten better at playing the game is all. All you have to do is watch the Countdown show and you would see still till this day how much she doesn't like Rhonda and how little respect she has for her. And do you really think after almost 2 months in the TUF house she didn't know Rhonda wasn't going to shake her hand? Especially when she already refused once?

Yes most fighters squash the beef after a fight. That is also because most fighters over-hype it to sell tickets. Some fighters have kicked fighters after the bell or hit them twice after the bell or got in an extra punch right before the bell because they legitimately do not like the other fighter. These two don't like each other. And Tate knew Rhonda wasn't shaking her hand. But no need to get so worked up about someone being suspicious of Tate's motives unless your relationship with her extends past a poster and a box of kleenex. Relax
You're an idiot. Most fighters in general don't drag such pettiness all the way to the end like this, especially if after they've just won.

Punching someone after the bell is not the same as this. You're pretty stupid to try to say that Tate was still playing the game up until this moment just because you want to defend Honda at all cost.

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Andebichi woho

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Originally Posted by footodors View Post
she grow a beard yet?
I was thinking Cyborg could grow a Hendricks type beard.

Last edited by Andebichi woho; 01-03-2014 at 01:50 AM.
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Originally Posted by Face Stab View Post
Never happened son. See this is where the real MMA fans are separated from the "I only saw TUF" guys like you.
Haha, I didn't know you fat fanbois have a club.

[/QUOTE] The only things Rousey said about Tate were complimentary. That she was a great fighter, and she was pretty, and that a fight between two hot girls would be great for WMMA.

Tate flew off the handle over something Rousey said in an interview with Helwani about having heard Tate was talking about her on Twitter and that she guessed she'd have to go down to 135 and smack that title out of her hands.

That was the awful smack talk that Rousey started. [/QUOTE]

You just admitted that Honda started the smack talk. Good job genius.

The problem is, Tate followed it up with gems like:
"has never tasted her own blood"
"talked her way into a title shot"
"doesn't deserve it"
"You only get attention because you're pretty"
"entitled rich kid who's been handed everything"
"she's delusional"
Of course, she was the damn Champion, so what? Honda proved she's much better and not only that, fucked up her arm.

Rousey definitely kicked it up when Tate started firing off broadsides. But only the hatards and the MMA newbs pretend she "started it".
Rousey said she can beat both Caraway and Tate at the same time and then insulted him further by calling him some low rent MMA fighter, etc.. Then Honda starts crying about how Caraway said he would knock her teeth down her throat if they fought....notice how you try to skip over this part.

I can see how you guys think that though. She was pretty vicious and said stuff that was totally uncalled for.
Honda popped her damn elbow off and took her out of commission for about a year of pain and rehab. Anyone with the slightest amount of decency would find this to be more than enough as winning the feud. Then after winning this 2nd time, she's still a bitch. Did you not hear the boooooooooooosss chub?

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Originally Posted by Anthony7 View Post
Cyborg would finish Rousey quick and easily.

With or without roids.
If Cyborg could beat Rousey without steroids, she would've already been in the UFC making UFC money instead of being in Invicta and making Invicta money. With the proper diet and exercise regime (that excludes steroids), Cyborg would be able to make 135 lbs. But nooooo....

"The whiny crybaby portion of a fandom is always heavily overrepresented on forums" -BigMuffler
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LOL, TS got banned already?

"Power resides where men believe it resides. It's a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow."

I survived "TPF 10 - Let the Streams Fail".
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