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Originally Posted by FallonFoxGOAT View Post
We would love to hear your objective opinion on how Gus won it, Pontificator.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I think it could have gone either way. I think Gus won, maybe it's my own bias, but I feel he clearly won rounds 1 and 3. Rounds 2 and 4 are so close I think they should have been 10-10 rounds. I just can't give someone a round for one elbow with less than a minute left, Gus was lighting him up that whole round. If you want to say that Hail Mary elbow caused the most damage, well… You need to take give the first 3 rounds to Gus because he caused a lot more damage than jones in every round. 5 was clearly Jones.

I HONESTLY feel if Gus was the champ those scorecards would have been reversed. Oh well, if anything the fans win. I'm more excited for this rematch than any fight in recent memory.

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Mr. Hammer

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Originally Posted by how high View Post
The fight in my opinion was a clear 48-47 for Jones with him winning rounds 2,4,5. The notion that Gus demolished Jones in during the fight is completely false and hilarious. The rounds Gus won were nowhere near an ass kicking.

Round 1: Very even round in the striking department, but Gus' takedown gives him the round. 10-9 Gus.

Round 2: Jones was the much busier fighter and controlled the center of the Octagon. Gus landed a few solid punches but was out done by the head kicks and elbows of Jones. 10-9 Jones (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Easily Gus' best round. He had a clear advantage in the striking but it wasn't as far a part as people like to think. 10-9 Gus (29-28 Gus)

Round 4: Gus was on his way to winning this round before Jones turned it on in the second half. Headkicks, spinning elbows, and standing elbows all made the difference for Jones here. Gus was hurt badly but I think if he would have eaten the elbow at the start of the round he still would have made it to round 5. 10-9 Jones (38-38 overall)

Round 5: Even striking round for the first half but again Jones' kicks pulled it out for him. He also had Gus slightly hurt IMO. 10-9 Jones, Jones wins 48-47.

Conclusion: This fight wasn't nearly as lopsided as a lot of people make it out to be. Also I would like to note that Gus displayed some of the techniques that Jones haters tend to pick on (Fingers extended towards his opponent's eyes and running away in particular). I think the proper score for the bout is 48-47 Jones but a 49-46 isn't crazy considering how close round 1 was.
Stopped reading at the part in bold. One of my biggest pet peeves is the painfully common misuse of that word. The rest of your post could be wonderful and full of incite but I won't be paying it any mind because you have annoyed me as the reader.

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Originally Posted by Ughugh View Post
"Oh great. A Jones fangirl creates yet another thread where she's rewatched the fight and is ready to give her objective opinion that Jon Jones The Ultimate Superman won it."

Hilarious but Jones wins a razor thin decesion so obviously they need to do it again. Even if it was scored a draw JBJ is still champ. And I hate Bones so I can't wait for him to be rag dolled by DC.

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lol at gus fans showing pictures from after the fight or facial damage

i guess cro cop beat fedro because he caused cuts

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Just rewatched it (had it 48-47 Jones live and again now)
Round 1 Gus (close)
landed the 2 most sig strikes of round and a takedown
jones landed the good elbow at end but it didn't seem to phase Gus (without it I see it as a clear Gus)
jones seemed to land more but was trying to rely on body/legs/pitter patter and eye shit

Round 2 Jones (clear-cut)
big early elbow
kicks head and body
notes: bones beat him up to the body with hard kicks. Gus did land a take down and a couple big punches
obvious that jones relied a lot on eye pokes and obliques to keep distance

Round 3 Gus (clear-cut)
boxed him up good
Jones okay with kicks but nothing of real significance landed

Round 4 Jones (close)
Gus was boxing him up bad; was a clear cut round him (Jones was really rattled by the eye poke warnings) but you have to look at "impact" and Jones hurt Gus pretty good, had him in trouble and busted him up

Round 5 Jones
Gus again was boxing him up to start but gassed about half-way through the round and just left to many unanswered strikes.
Jones with the head kicks, take down (which I don't think should really matter but….) and a later elbow clearly sealed it

Notes on (an unbelievable) fight
It was totally Gus's fight. He was boxing Jones up good for large chunks of the fight. He was ahead in Rounds 1, 3, 4 and 5 and took big shots later in the rounds of 4 and 5 to lose them at the end, (and gassed in the 5th which gave it away).
Jones showed a lot in this fight; very well rounded (used an array of kicks, elbows and "defensive striking (i.e. eye pokes" and oblique kicks) and was very aggressive (especially when he needed to catch up in the round); showed a lot of heart TBH.
Rematch should be crazy. Jones was clearly affected by the evenness in size and really rattled by the eye poke warnings (if BJM is tougher on that in the rematch Jones is in trouble). Gus just escaped outta some bad situations that could have easily ended up like the end of the 4th earlier in the fight. He also gassed bad towards the end.
Both guys have tons of adjustments they can make (Gus: finish rounds and avoid big shots; add more kicks and clinch strikes)(Jones: td's, head strike defence and clinch work) but we will see what goes down.

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Originally Posted by chaoticmayhem View Post

clearly the soul fled

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