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Originally Posted by Dinkin_Flicka View Post
My wife has a cousin that is a scumbag. It's not so much that he is a constant mooch, but he feels entitled to something for nothing and when he doesn't get his way he blames his problems on others.

I can see how he got the way he did. He went to live with his grand parents when he was really young since he hated his stepdad. While living with them, they wanted him to feel loved so they bought him anything he asked for and this carried on until into adult hood. While he was a teen and into his 20's he was constantly trading up his car to the next cool thing while making his grand parents eat the negative equity from the last car.

He's now close to 30 and has cut his family off several times and holds his son as a barganing chip. He'll say sh!t like "If you loved me you would give me the money, and if you don't you'll never see my son again". After years of pulling this same crap his grandma is out of money since he spent all of her retirement and grandpa is gone. She is living off of social security and is broke, and his mom lives pay-check to pay-check and doesn't have money to throw around. But this doesn't stop him from asking for more money.

Finally they didn't have the money to give him when his computer died and he needed $2000 for a new one(he needs everything top of the line by the way), and flat out told him "No". So naturally he said "Well you don't love me and you'll never see the grand kid again". This was about 3 years ago. It's been pretty awesome not having him at family functions.
Wow this guy is a tool

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I never let family members kiss me. no mooching here.

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of, you will never live if you are searching for the meaning of life." - Albert Camus
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My two cousins are always adking me for monetary aid and I gladly oblige. Why? Because their mother has the worst case of shit for brains I've ever seen and cares more about her own needs.

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Everyone one of my brothers over time have borrowed something, money whatever and I wouldnt hesitate to give to them again. My aunt who is 20 years younger than my other aunts is only a few years older than me and I have done the same for her and would help her again.

Men be careful, female sexual predators are using a date rape drug called a Blowjob to trap men into scams called relationships.
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Originally Posted by Fenderson View Post
Cool I'm gonna read it then, its quite pricey for a book though.

It's a sad day when you realise your dads a bit of a loser
In the UK, I bought a new copy from Amazon recently for under a tenner.

I know that feel bro, my biological Dad is/was a drug dealer and my 'step' dad is a beta male. No emo.

Don't even train or watch mixed martial arts any more...
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Niten Ichi Ryu

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Unfortunately my father.

When I was growing up he basically squandered every opportunity he had. He acted like everyone owed him a living.

I havent seen him since 2007, before that 1998. Talk to him on the computer, and he always has a sob story. So every now and then i end up wiring him money but i feel disgusted every time i do. Feel like if I told him how i really felt it'd finish him.

Fucking hippy.

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Originally Posted by Brampton_Boy View Post
Can't say I have any relatives that mooch. With that being said, I'm personally not very close with my extended family (no particular reason, just never spent much time with them)

When it comes to my immediate family, there is no concept of ownership with regards to my money/property. Maybe its a cultural thing, but my siblings and parents can take whatever they want from me freely (and vice versa). I'm pretty sure that if I really wanted, I could walk into my brothers house and take his credit card without him batting an eye lash.
Yeah same here. I feel bad for u that have parents that take from u guys (unless its an understandable situation). When I visit my dad he always says take whatever u want and has given me cameras, computers, ect . I do the same I just gave him my over ear qc3 boss headphones. same goes with my brother his TV broke and right away I gave him my 64 inch Samsung plasma (d8000- top model) the next day. His wife was pregnant so I thought it was more needed by them. Just went back to store and bought same TV. As long as nobody abuses it I don't care

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Everytime a relative comes to my house there's always a missing shirt the next day

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Uptown Swinger

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My family is too proud to mooch but

My wifes little brother is 21. He lives 1 minutes from my house. He doesnt call or come over unless he needs something.
He would constantly text me and every text started the same way:
"yo Uptown i need a favor bro..can you...." (money, ride, haircut, buy liquor, etc)
The last time he came over to "borrow" insence, I showed him a years worth of text messages he sent me..each asking for something.
The last time he called me..last month was to ask for my wifi password becasue the one he had been using didnt work anymore...lmao...I told him hell no.

My cousin's husband who I consider a great friend recently asked to borrow my
Django dvd. I reluctantly gave it to him because I dont like letting people borrow things.
2 weeks later I visit them at their house and I ask for the dvd...He says he let his neighbor borrow it (I know the neighbor, cool guy). I'll never mention the dvd again but I wont let them borrow anything else. In fact I bought a new Django dvs because some family was comming over for the weekend and they wanted to wacththe movie I told them I had.

That Boogie Down Bronx Shit - I'm On It.
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My family thinks that just because I like computers that it means that i'm always free labor in fixing their shit. I charge them now, so that shit stopped.

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