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Icon1 How to: Start Training in MMA

Hi everyone, before I start throwing out some questions I am going to provide some background info. I plan to start training this coming January. I moved to the Philippines from California to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and have a lot of time on my hands. I've gone to Boxing and Muay Thai classes with my cousin and fell in love with the whole aspect of it. I've loved MMA since Pride then UFC; during Forrest Griffin's rise.

I don't speak the language and I've been here for 3 months already. I am also bored out of my mind a lot. I was really into the car imports scene, but now that I moved I don't have a car I can modify/drive aggressively. For 4 or 5 months I worked hard on my cardio and finally cut some weight, but now that I moved out here to the Philippines I can't really go out running because it's considered "unsafe."
I did karate when I was young, but that is now out the window, so basically I am going into this with only 3 classes of boxing and Muay Thai experience.

The reason I want to start training is because I am in the prime age of my life (22), 5’8” 200-210lbs, I want to become healthy, and I want to learn how to defend myself and others now that I am at risk, living in a third world country. I've also quit smoking and stopped drinking. I want to live a healthy life.

  1. The Gyms that I am screening offers Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. Should I train all disciplines once to twice for 5-6 days? Or should I choose certain styles to focus on?
  2. What basics should I focus on learning in either discipline?
  3. The Gym offers weights, what type workouts should I do to enhance the fighter physique/strengths?
  4. Is there a maximum weight I should lift?
  5. Would you recommend I take Whey Protein on days I lift? The only supplement I take now is Fish Oil.
  6. How do control my breathing during training? (I.e., breath, strike, exhale?) After shadow boxing today I realized I hold my breath while I strike and it causes me to get winded quickly.
  7. How/when should I let my body rest?
  8. What types of foods should I increase in my diet?

  1. Do shorts matter? I can’t justify spending $50-$70 on fighting shorts until I prove I am in this for the long run. I read that I can use board shorts, any suggestions what I should look for when I go out to buy some board shorts?
  2. The gym has all the equipment necessary for me to train with. Should I buy my own hand wraps/gloves for cleanliness issues?
  3. If I do have to buy my own gloves what weight should I buy? I heard 16oz sparring were perfect.
  4. Shirts, should I invest in some Nike Dri-fit? (really cheap knock offs out here in the Philippines). I soak cotton shirts really fast; they get heavy while I train.
  5. Should I train with a jock strap and cup or Thai Cup?
  6. Are there any types of mouth guards I should avoid? What should I look for in a mouth guard?

  1. I want to take a fight after training 3-4 years before I leave the Philippines, is that enough training to be sufficient? Or is there a certain time I should wait?
  2. If I do take a fight, how can I ease my family into knowing that I am going to fight?

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id pick a base to start with and focus on that personally i dont buy into the whole starting out into mma thing but thats just me.. most people will probably saying wrestling is the best base

alot of the stuff ur asking your just thinking too much lol just go try and it out the trainers will instruct you

shorts kinda do matter normal basketball shorts or whatever usually dont cut up the leg very high it does affect movement but you can find mma shorts for less then 70 dollars meng.

and ya id buy ur own hand wraps for sure some gyms supply gloves but id buy those as well 16 oz gloves should be the first ones you buy.

3-4 years of training is tons I see guys from my gym take fights around a year all the time, some win some loose but whatever... but ya 3-4 years, im not saying it would be bad to wait that long. but if your not ready by then you should probably just keep it as a hobby.. i donno i didnt answer all ur questions but thats my opinion on some of them

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haha yeah, I ask a lot of questions because I like to research and know as much as possible before going in. I've always learned theory before experience. Thanks for the input!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that fight shorts are imported here from the US and they jack up the prices. So you don't normally find the cheaper brands out here. I am still searching for some, but right now my best alternative seems to be board shorts for surfing/swimming. But what are some good cheap shorts? I might be able to ask someone in the US to send me some.

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Just like Syinister wrote, I would pick the styles that fit you the best.

In MMA as you know you need Striking and grappling

Me personaly I mainly train muay thai and sambo and weight training for strengh and I feel thats enough. I actually would prefer BJJ instead of sambo but here in Berlin there is no real BJJ place which you can take serious. You can always add certain things, ( submissions, special Kicks/punches from different Martial arts such as TKD, KArate... ) But I would just stick to 2 styles one for Stand up and one for the ground. If you become very good at it, you dont need any other stuff. The strengh training is very important to make up for what you miss in some departments such as Wrestling or BJJ, in the amateur leagues strengh can mostly save you from getting submitted or taken down And if you have success as an amateur you can train with the pros and they will teach you what you need as a Pro !

So thats my oppinion, Pick 2 styles and train strengh. Or maybe you are more like Rory MC. and you are better of with training 6-7 Martial arts and taking the best out of them.

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Put your right leg in take your right leg out put your right leg in and shake it all

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Pick one or two of your favourite things, preferably one striking, one grappling. (Boxing and judo aren't bad ideas because you're also looking for self defense application outside the ring. On the streets you'll most likely be using your fists because kicking seems risky, you don't want to end up on the ground, same reason why jiu jitsu may not be the best either. A lot of police officers train judo because you can put a much larger person on the ground fast and decide from there if you want to fight or flight.)

Train like crazy and become comfortable with it.

In the meantime, do strength training 2-3 times a week. (Depending on your martial arts training schedule because you don't want to be exhausted and not learn/train the martial arts at your full potential.)

On those strength training days do push/pull exercises as well as squats using your whole body as one muscle in a sense and strengthen your core like a motherfucker.

Put effort into co-ordination. The days I do squats with weights are during a different part of the week I do boxing because I do a lot of squats during a boxing class. Shoulder exercises I do on the weekend because It affects my boxing as well. You want to be learning your techniques while you're at 100%, not while you're recovering.

Find what works best and create a balance. You need lots of rest, and proper eating habits.

Currently, what I'm doing is a mon, wed, fri is kyokushin followed by muay thai (friday is followed by boxing) and on tues, thurs I do strength training followed by judo. And on either sat or sun I do strength training as well. People say things like "Forget about strength, technique is more important. It's not considered gay if you're wearing a condom bra." and etc. If you and your opponent are equally skilled and the same weight, the stronger one will probably end up winning. So train strength, just don't let it interfere with your other training. If it does interfere, you need to make adjustments.

It took a lot of preparation. For example, on days that I did boxing, I couldn't do deadlifts or military press before the workout because my shoulders would be done and I wouldn't be able to box at 100%. Things like that are common sense though.

I make sure I eat something decent, not too big though 2-3 hours before every workout. Gives me the energy I need and at the same time I don't get indigestion during a high intensity session. (For example, if you eat a feast an hour before kickboxing you're probably going to taste the food.)

For now I wouldn't worry about running too much because you should get more than enough conditioning just from training.

It's not just your muscles that are taking a beating and need protein, hitting the heavy bag with your knuckles and shins will cause your bones to take a little bit of damage which is a good thing, because it becomes stronger. Every day I take a calcium pill to help make up for it. Your bones need calcium like your muscles need protein.

The training is half the effort, the rest is getting enough sleep, and what you eat. What I consider food or a meal is rice, bread or some shit, some type of vegetable and a dead animal. <<< These make you a man.

Also, a lot of people forget about strengthening your neck. Having a strong neck a few years from now might be the difference between you losing your sense of balance and falling or staying on your toes if you get hit in the face.

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Would you mind if you told me the name of your gym? Just curious...

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Dude, if your gym is that loaded,why can't you just ask your coaches these things instead of an anonymous board?

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Ask your coaches,

Yes board shorts are fine (No pockets is what to look for) but if you have friends in the USA get them to buy MMA shorts and ship them (stronger and last longer).

Ease into it, Don't plan on jumping into 1-2 sessions a day 6 days a week.

Do three sessions a week, then if you feel ok bump it up to four sessions the next week, then when you feel ok bump it to 5.
Gradutal increases will last, diving head first on day one will get you dead tired (and maybe injured) really quickly and you will make a habit of missing classes hear. Make a progrma you know you can do and stick to it.

3-4 years is easy long enough.

Try everything one or twice then do what you like best.
If you love it you will learn it.
Try to have only one focus at a time.

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Trust the coach,not some random people on a computer bro..just my 2 cents.

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