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Fighting Sports MMA Glove and Title service review

Hey all... this will be a review of Fighting Sports MMA gloves.. white. As seen here...Fighting Sports

My wife bought them for me for Christmas. I originally had wanted the new Triumph United gloves, these, but a few days after ordering they called to inform me that they had already all been sold out and that if I still wanted these then I would have to wait till the end of the month.(Ordered beg of Dec) Or I could switch them to a different pair of gloves. Hmm...

So I looked around and I noticed the Fighting Sports gloves... I've always loved the white Hayabusa gloves.. so I asked him how the quality of the Fighting Sports gloves were. He replied they were great and that the guys from Title that train have been using and liking their gear. OK.. sounds good.

Now... I replied to an email asking if there were any other gloves I liked, I mentioned the Fighting Sports ones but cited I could not really afford the $20 difference.
I am not gonna lie.. I worded it in such a way that if they were to send the Fighting Sports gloves without charging me the extra $20 I would be extremely happy and grateful and I actually sorta expected them to do it as a sign of good business for not having the ones I wanted in stock. (Which Title is known for having problems with)

In the reply to my carefuly worded request... he says which size and color do I want the Fighting Sports gloves in... without mentioning the difference in price at all... SCORE!! ... at least I had though so...

Turns out as we were checking my wifes bank account, she had been charged the full price of $69.99 for the gloves plus S/H !!

Its fine if the guy didn't want to cut me a deal, just say so and I would be fine waiting for the gloves I wanted to be in stock. I have a problem with thinking we had an understanding (you guys know what I'm talkin' about) and then charge me anyway. So while he didn't really do anything wrong technically, it still loses points on customer relations. The service was good, fast replys to email and shipping was on time... so kudos for that.

As far as the gloves themselves...

A few pics first...

more on the next post.

"You can be as mad as dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, rage and hate all you want....but when it comes to the end, you have to let go." Captain Mike

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Quality/Materials- The leather used in the gloves was good... thick and durable. Which is good and bad as I'll explain later. These would hold up for quite awhile and to some abuse. Stitching was nice and tight.. no loose threads or anything like that. Velcro was nice and strong and well put together. The only thing I didn't like as far as materials go is the plastic patch with the logo. Could have been done a different way other than cutting into the leather and putting some plastic crap in their.

Padding- These are listed on the Title website as "Fight" gloves and not Training gloves for good reason... its pretty stiff and with very little give.

Padding thickness pic...

Over time and after a good break-in they would soften up some but I wouldn't use these gloves for any kind of sparring or even light contact. Mitt, bag and competition is the best uses for these gloves.

Comfort/Fit- these are where we run into problems and the biggest design flaw. I had to originally send them back as I had gotten the size listed as "regular" which in most gloves is what I wear. I mean I'm 6' and 160lbs so I'm not big by any means... and I certainly don't have big or over-sized hands. So when I first got them, I ordered them in size regular.. I was super shocked to find I could barely get my hand into the glove! So I sent them back, and was sent the next size up.. Large.. and the ones you see in the photos. Even in a size up... it is still very tight and I cannot make a fully closed fist.
You can see in the photo below... The red circle is where the leather pinches me the most and right at the webbing of my thumb and pointer finger... all the way across the lower creases of the joints is very,very tight... like.. cutting-off-circulation-to-my-fingers tight... and to top it off.. look at the space between the outer ridge of my hand and the glove...bad shaping of the padding and glove.

The red lines are where my hand is in the glove and so looking at that you can see how blocky the back of the hand is on the glove. If it was contoured better, it would be a much better glove... minus the tightness of the fingers.

to be continued tomorrow....

"You can be as mad as dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, rage and hate all you want....but when it comes to the end, you have to let go." Captain Mike

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Nice review, they look pretty nice.

made you look.
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I had the exact same thing with them today man.

I ordered 2 pairs of the MMA glvoes, and they sent the wrong ones, and 1 Thai pad (We got an extra one from a different company and needed to pair it).

I think the gloves they send were actually more expensive, but still, not the ones I wanted, and they sent us 2 of the Thai pads, instead of just one. Minor, but still, get the goddamn order right. Not only do we pay extra for a pad we don't need (we're still +1), we have to pay extra for freight, and being in Canada, exchange, GST, Customs AND Brokerage fees.

And the $15 MMA gloves I wanted for back up are on backorder.

So far, I'm not too impressed.

And ya, I was wondering about them gloves. Let us know how you like em down the line.


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they look nice i like the white color but it seems really tight even the ufc gloves are not that tight

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I don't think I would expect a company to drop $20 on me if they didn't have what I originally want, it happens... but I do agree that it sucks that they let you think you were getting a deal then not following through.

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I really hope someone reviews Fighting Sports boxing gloves. I wonder if they will be better than their MMA gloves.

On eBay: Golden Gear Set and Fairtex Headgear
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Charles Kozeluh
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Originally Posted by ClampXVII View Post
I really hope someone reviews Fighting Sports boxing gloves. I wonder if they will be better than their MMA gloves.
A guy I train withhas the fighting gloves.I can tell you the padding is not as thick as winning but so far so good for the guy he likes them and they are quality gloves not winning quality but decent for half the price

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Every Title review starts with something being on backorder. I think though your going to see alot companies go with the plastic logo on the cuffs. There are people that will bitch about a logo or threads fraying because of being taped. Go figure.

Edit, the new complaint will be how to remove tape residue off of said plastic logo!

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Shawn Hawk
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Are these actually made by Winning or are they just Title Knockoffs?

I thought they might be a deal like Ringside does with Reyes, but Title is known for their knockoffs.

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