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5 Weapons in Doomsday Scenario

Shit is going down, son. You must choose 5 weapons in the following categories to defend yourself with. It is marshall law. Everyman for himself. End of world, doomsday shit. What are your 5 weapons in the following categories?

1- Handgun
2- Firearm (any gun)
3- Knife (has to be a knife)
4- Melee (any melee weapon)
5- Wildcard (any weapon ex: grenade, another gun, chainsaw)

Here are mine:

1- .44 Magnum revolver
2- M14
3- Bowie Knife
4- Katana
5- Hunting bow


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nuclear weapon

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handgun- magnum 44
Main gun- AK-47
Knife- Navy survival knife
Blade- Gladius
Misc.- Army Jeep fully equipped

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  1. Glock 18 - full-size 9mm, select fire (full-auto capable), 33 round magazines
  2. Automatic Kalashnikov Rifle, 1947 Model
  3. khukri knife
  4. An ōdachi (大太刀?)( a type of long Japanese sword )
  5. recurve bow with explosive tipped arrowheads

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1. 9mm automatic - decent knockdown power, low recoil and high capacity mags

2. 12 gauge shotgun - great for short range hunting and protection, and you don't need to be a expert marksmen to use one

3. Buck Knife - large blade is good for stabbing, slashing and fileting

4. Axe - can be a weapon or a tool

5. AK47 - low maintenance and versatile

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Cool. Good picks guys. Keep em coming.

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Post pictures!

1- Glock 21

2- M4A2

3- Cold Steel Recon Scout

4- Dynasty Forge katana

5- m24 sniper

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Biggus Dickus**
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- 45 longslide with laser sighting
- 12 gauge autoloader
- uzi 9mm
- phase plasma rifle with a 40 watt range
- Ac 130 gunship

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Originally Posted by Backstreet View Post
1- Handgun
2- Firearm (any gun)
3- Knife (has to be a knife)
4- Melee (any melee weapon)
5- Wildcard (any weapon ex: grenade, another gun, chainsaw)
1. Smith and Wesson M&P45. Extremely reliable large caliber semi auto handgun, enough said.

2. Scoped M1A with JAE stock. The .308 cartridge has the right amount of stopping power and reach for the end of the world on the simple, accurate, reliable platform that is the M1A or M14.

3. SOG Seal 2000. Best knife I own. It's hard for me to speculate on more expensive knives I might consider without using them.

4. Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi. For melee I like a sword of this size with a 2 handed grip. A similar sized high quality Katana would probably be a better choice but I am too lazy to start looking them up.

5. Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel. Shovel, axe, tomahawk all in one. A very useful tool and weapon.

With the exception of the M1A, all of these items are very affordable, and therefore practical to own.

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1- Survival Revolver - (cant think of the name but it fires 2 calibres of pistol ammo (.22 and .22long and .357 I think ?) & 410 shotgun shells) and has a removable stock. Revolvers are low maintenance and rarely screw up, they are also easily modified. Failing that a good quality .357 revolver, maybe the Taurus Model 66 since it is light & holds 7 rounds instead of 6.

2- AK 47 - (not a cheap shitty chinese copy) just cos they wear well and dont need lots of maintenance & can take a beating.

3- Rambo 1st Blood Part II Knife - Sounds rediculous but this is the name of the knife. They list is as a bowie/survival knife & it has the hollow handle insode of which is a survival kit with fish hooks, matches and razor blades. Inside the aluminum end cap is a working compass.

4- Gladius - Plenty of companies make these, they are double edged, nice thick blade is hard to damage, well balanced and can be used effectively in tight spaces (IE: Urban environments).

5- Recurve bow or Crossbow - Hard to decide, I won both so Ideally I would take both. but I guess if it came to a picnh I would take the recurve, less maintenance & it can be fired more rapidly.

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