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Old 08-01-2010, 01:33 AM   #41
Stringer Bell
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This question has been debated many times in the P+M, and the consensus is the Honey Badger

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" - Abraham Lincoln
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Honey Badger hands down. Baddest mofo on the planet p4p.
Badass of the Week: Honey Badger (Ratel)

Me, I'm sick of facts, what with all their annoying smugness and know-it-all attitudes. I'm more interested in the exciting, drunk, shirtless cousin of facts: Speculation.
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Guys, the correct answer is Humans by far.

I got to hear a talk by a game warden from Africa recently... real cool guy, shared some great stories about protecting black rhino from poachers.

I approached him and asked him if his job was really dangerous, he said yes absolutely. I asked if it was dangerous being around all those wild animals (lion, rhino, elephant, etc) and he was like no not at all... it's people he's afraid of since they'll pretty much do anything and find a way to kill anything... he says he feels more at peace around the wild animals than people and poachers.

True story, really got to me on some level.

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Polar Bears. The only animal on the planet other than humans that will kill just for fun. Other animals only kill when they feel threatened, or for food. Polar bears will sometimes just wake up and think, "I'm gonna go kill some shit." Nearly as big as the Kodiak Bear, and definitely more vicious... Scariest animal on the planet:

Here's a real video of some dumb broad barely escaping death from a CAGED Polar Bear:

FYI: Video embedding disabled, but check out the video, its crazy!

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positronic brain
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Originally Posted by AlaskaJack21 View Post
Polar Bears. The only animal on the planet other than humans that will kill just for fun.
house cats kill for fun

It got me so pumped up one day I punched my sister in the face.

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Honey Badger FOR THE WIN!


Dear Jerry Jones,
Please fuck off!
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Any colour you like
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"Nobody would give a fuck about this guy if he didn't praise jesus constantly and go around the world chopping off little kid's dick skin."

- INeedARemedy
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Valar Morghulis
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Honey Badgers have such adorable names I can't believe they are so vicious.

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Account bet me brah
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Wolverines...nothing can woop them P4P

C.S.A.-Fighting terrorism since 1861!

"Let not him who puts on his armor boast like him who takes it off."
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I found this amusing post....enjoy.....Honey Badger vs Wolverine!!!

Weight- 40 pounds (18kg)

Weapons -incisor 3/3, canine 1/1, premolar 4/4, molar 1/2 for a total of 38 teeth. Claws are curved and semi-retractile.

Build- The wolverine's head is broad and rounded, with small eyes and short rounded ears. Its legs are short, with five toes on each foot; posture is considered semiplantigrade, as the metatarsal pads of the hind feet rarely contact the ground. The skull of the wolverine is robust; powerful dentition and associated musculature enable the wolverine to forage on frozen meat and bone.

Armor-Wolverine pelage is typically a thick, glossy dark brown.

Defenses-Although wolverines have well developed anal musk glands, musking appears to be used primarily as a fear-defense mechanism and is associated with cautionary raised tail posture

Temperment- Highly aggressive if cornered, documented reports of wolverines chasing grizzley bears off their kills.

Diet- mostly carnivorous

Lifestyle-completely solitary unless raising pups or mating.

Ok, and in this corner

Honey Badger

Weight-32 pounds (14kg)

weapons- strong claws which can be up to 40mm long. small needle like teeth, extremely sharp.

Build-Despite their appearance, ratels are not badgers, but belong to a sub-family of their own, the Melllivoines. Ratels have short legs and a low body which is characteristic to Mustelids. The ratel is black on top and underneath, with a contrasting white stripe that begins just above the eyes and ends at the tip of the tail, covering the entire width of the back, from shoulder to shoulder.

Armor- oftne known to attack poisonous snakes, relying on its shaggy coat to protect it from harm.

Defenses-When threatened a ratel can feign death but usually attacks and has even been known to attack human hunters and cars. Ratels, like most mustelids, secrete foul smelling anal secretions to discourage enemies

Temperment-The ratel is omnivorous, but as a predator, uses its quickness to run down much of its prey. Squat and muscular, it always ready to defend itself, it has been known to attack animals much larger than itself such as the African buffalo, the gnu, or waterbuck (i.e.) extremely aggressive.

Diet- The ratel's favorite treats are honey and bee larva. Although it is most often found feasting on small reptiles, rodents, birds, insects and even carrion but it also eats fruits, berries, roots, plants, and eggs

Lifestyle-Generally a solitary animal but it has been observed in small groups. These groups are most likely family groups. They are very secretive and usually nocturnal, hunting at night.

O.k there you go, given all the facts i will now make my verdict.

AND THE WINNER IS>>>>>>>>> Wolverine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is how the fight would go down..

Both wolverine and Badger catch wind of another animals kill and come running. Badger gets there first due to speed and chases off the predator, followed closely by the wolverine.
Both have their eye on the prize and both are too aggressive and stubborn to back off. The scent throwing begins, with the wolverine puffing out his tail and spraying much like a skunk, this irratates the badger causing him to do the same. Both animals are now smelly and extremely pi**ed off but noone injured yet.
The wolverine, after much posuring charges in and the fur starts flying. The wolverine claws are ineffectual, causing minimal damage to badger due to its course wiry fur, badgers claws only impose superficial wounds on wolverine due to its extremely thick winter fur. after much scuffeling and snarling and snapping of jaws the wolverine manages to get ahold of the bagders leg in its mouth, and its extremely powerfull jaws snap the bones like a twig. The wolverines diet of frozen meat has given it the edge. where the badger has long claws and quickness it lack the jaw strength to pose a real threat and its teath have trouble getting through the wolverines defences will the wolverines jaws and skull are built to crush through ice and bone.

It would be a hidousely nasty fight, but the ability to crush bone would give the wolverine an edge in an otherwsise almost perfectly matched fight.

C.S.A.-Fighting terrorism since 1861!

"Let not him who puts on his armor boast like him who takes it off."
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