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Deadbeat former friend owes me money

Ok so I have a friend who owes me a couple hundred bucks. He has owed me for about about a year. To give you a run down on the guy here is an excerpt from a post I made a few months back in a thread about the people you hang out with

Ok the dude is 22, has dropped out of two colleges, one a 4 year and one a community college, and works part-time at Wendy's. He did a shit load of drugs in high school, not just pot, but hard stuff like pills and meth. This year alone he has been in 7 relationships, all with girls younger than himself most still in or just out of high school who are still naive and don't realize what a fuck up he is. He was in a 3 year relationship with a girl who is currently in med school, he took $500 from her to pay for college, then spent not only his student loans but the money he borrowed from her and spent it all on drugs. So in just over two years of going to college he has zero credits yet he is still paying $150 a month in student loan repayments. On top of that he is still paying $300 a month rent on an apartment he doesn't live in anymore. Last summer he had a huge drug party with a bunch of friends. Well the cops were called and while no one was busted because they were able to flush and hide all the evidence he got paranoid and broke the lease on his apartment and moved back home. His parents make him pay $80 a month rent, which he complains about as well. He makes about $700 a month so after he pays this he is left with around $170 give or take because he never works a set amount of hours and it always leaving early. He then take the remaining $170 and buys two half sacks a month, because he smokes that much weed. Whatever money he has left after this, usually less than $50, he spends on gas for his piece of shit truck that has no side mirrors, the A/C is broken on, a hole in the gas tank, and needs new spark plugs but he can't stay sober long enough to fix. If he runs out of gas money early he will steal pain pills from his step dad and sell them to make some quick cash. In the event his step dad has found a new hiding spot he will either steal his sister's debit card or try to bum tabs, addies, or zannies from one of his drug friends and then sell them. He recently started dating a girl who just graduated and is going to Ball State for pediatric medicine but is still pretty naive and doesn't realize or know anything I just said. I feel sorry for her.
Anyway despite knowing he had done that to his ex I loaned him five hundred dollars so he could fix his truck and pay to have his old car towed, which to this day still sits in his ex gfs yard. He spent most of the money on drugs again, and used the rest to add to his DVD collection. It was stupid but I pride myself on being a really nice guy and I had grown tired of giving him rides all the time. I still maintained a good relationship with him despite this until about a month ago. His gf had asked me about his ex, as he refused to tell her. Well I told her the basics, how long they had dated, why they broke up, ect. She told him about it and called me a liar. I was pretty pissed off over the whole thing so I told her to ask him about some of the stuff I mentioned earlier. He again called me a liar and we came to blows and after a short confrontation we haven't spoken to each other since.

Now I have no way to legally prove I loaned him the money. The only proof I have is one of our mutual friends that was there, but he and my former friend are very close so I'm not 100% sure he would vouch for me at this point. While I am sure he wouldn't pass a drug test if he were tested today he has never been in legal trouble despite his close calls as his parents refuse to do anything despite their knowledge of his drug use. Any advice would be helpful, even reiterating how much of a dumb ass I am for doing it would be fine

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Call him out tell him he is a POS who needs too get his life together and that if he continues too lead his scumbag steve lifestyle then you'd much rather not be his friend and help him out.

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Benedict XVI
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Just think of $500 as the price of getting him out of yo life.

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Best to cut all ties, I think. It is a good thing to want to help people in their time of need ... just not this guy anymore.

Good luck.

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Old 02-08-2012, 03:23 AM   #5
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don't lend money to friends and family if you are not ok with not getting it back

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Bobby Boulders
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Yeah, I'd just chalk it up as you were giving him a payoff to stay out of your life. Probably won't ever receive your money, so just sever ties and use better judgement next time you're in a situation where a friend wants to borrow money. I am nice and have done these kinds of things myself, I just learned from my experience that you shouldn't loan anything to anyone who has a history of fucking people over, even if he hasn't fucked you over personally. If someone fucks over everyone else, more often than not he will eventually get you too.

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Red Belt
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When i've loaned to friends, i've never expected it back. One actually paid me back in an exaggerated time, though i was never expecting it. Like people have said, if you loan people money, loan it to them with no intention of having them pay you back. You're doing it as a friend. If you don't feel right about it, such as if its for drugs or whatever, then don't lend it to them.

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ค้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ ้้้้้้้้้้$
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i think you need to have a look at yourself,you knew the outcome from lending him $ but you werent strong enough to walk away from him & his childish problems,you want to get credit for helping him out,but thats not going to happen.
you then get involved in shit with his gf and tell her shit that he obviously didnt want her knowing,never ever take a chicks side over a mate.
your best bet is getting a tow truck and go around to his exs and get his truck,and then move on from this fiasco.
under no circumstances should you consider getting him in trouble for his drug use tho.

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Just think of it as a $500 moron tax, or a $500 bitch tax for telling your friend's GF anything. That is some weak sauce homie.

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Originally Posted by rocknroll1984 View Post
Just think of it as a $500 moron tax.
Pretty much. An expensive lesson.

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