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I found this article and checked it out its true!!!

"Many people are asking the same question. What happened to the top? Well, Iím going to go ahead and just say that we canít know that it fell over. Nolan didnít show it, so it doesnít matter. Now, thats not to say there isnít an answer.

Quite a few people believe that the final scene of the film is apart of Cobbís dream. That Cobb is still trapped in limbo. That he has accepted whatever world he is in is truth. Explaining why Cobb didnít watch the top fall over, he didnít care. He wanted to see his kids.

See, I disagree with this theory. I disagree because Cobb knows for another reason. Remember, what was the most obvious difference between reality and the dream world? I personally think that the biggest difference was the presence of Cobbís wife, Mal. Simply put, If Mal was present he was in a dream. His own or otherwise. We also know that it doesnít really matter if she dies. Cobb shoots Mal in the snow layer, before they enter limbo. She came back. Itís safe to assume that she could come back again, right?

Itís possible that it could be a dream, and she could still be there. After all, things in the ending were pretty odd. Where was the childrenís grandmother? Why havenít the children grown to be much older, why are they wearing the same clothes? It was almost as if time didnít pass in the Cobb household.

So what happened here? Was Cobb dreaming or was he not dreaming? Why did Nolan choose to not show the top, and keep the ending open for interpretation?

The answer to the second question is simple. He didnít keep the ending open.

After multiple viewings of Memento, Nolan doesnít seem like the kind of director to keep the ending so ambiguous. He didnít show the spinning top to tell the audience ďThis isnít the answer. This is irrelevant now.Ē To me, what really matters is his wedding ring.

In every scene of a dream. Cobb is wearing his wedding ring.
In every scene of reality. Cobb is ringless.
In fact, at some point in just about every scene, there is a fairly obvious shot of Cobbís hand.

Saito's test for Cobb - Ring Present

Layer 1 of inception - Ring Present.

Shortly after Ariadne's first encounter with Mal - No Ring

Moments before inception begins on the airplane - No Ring

Now, this for me is black and white. There are countless of other examples, kindly highlighted by various forums discussing the films meaning.

On the train before Saito wakes up. No Ring.
All of Mombasa. No Ring.
Yusufís basement, after dropping his totem. No Ring.
Paris workshop . No Ring.
Aridaneís first experience with Dream sharing. Wedding Ring.
First Class cabin scene. No Ring.
ALL of the inception. Wedding Ring.
Final scene of the film. No Ring.
Now, if we trust Cobbís ring as his real totem, then Inception had a happy ending. All is well that ends well. Thatís my interpretation, Iím sticking to it.

I believe that everything else in the film that suggests otherwise is a Red Herring. (Such as Cobb dropping his totem in the bathroom of Yusufís basement.)

As for the fact that the children didnít age is easily disputed, in fact they are played by different actors. I could have sworn they were the same but it appears they were trying to suggest that time passed. Why else cast different sets of children.

So there you have it, thats what I think happened in Inception. Do you disagree? Do you think thatís almost too simple? Letís hear it in the comments."

-Spencer Starnes for

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the fuck are you babbling about?

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Awesome, good post.

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How would you make sense of the movie if in the end it was all a dream? I'm not saying you couldn't piece together some sort of narrative where the whole thing is a dream consisting of mostly his memories or something, but it would be almost purely conjecture. I found the so-called 'twist' at the end to be kind of tacked on and silly.

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He gets back to reality at the end, the spinning top is just used to create doubt in the viewer's mind...just like Cobb did to Mal.

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That Ninja Kid

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The whole move took place in Chris Farley's drug-induced coma. You mean you couldn't pick that up from all the hints they left you?

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The ring theory is a good unique one. I want to rewatch it again just to keep an eye out for the ring.

Interesting post.

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