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Anderson Silva Vs Bruce Lee

Who would win?

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anderson would win.. bruce lee was just for movies

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Trick question... Anderson Silva IS Bruce Lee...

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I see what you did there.

10-3 Sherdog bets

Gomi is overrated and Dr. Nick Diaz proved it.
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It annoys me when people say Bruce Lee was just a movie star, HE ISN'T! He is a very good martial artist, a physical freak and one of the forefathers of MMA.

Bruce could be an excellent featherweight and lightweight fighter, but he'd struggle against Anderson Silva. Silva is just as good a striker, a better groundfighter and he's bigger.

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Originally Posted by Keeper View Post
anderson would win.. bruce lee was just for movies
if u rilly think that u dont kno anything about bruce lee. copy pasting from wiki cuz im too lazy to type it out

Lee was involved in competitive fights, some of which were arranged while others were not. Dan Inosanto stated, "There's no doubt in my mind that if Bruce Lee had gone into pro boxing, he could easily have ranked in the top three in the lightweight division or junior-welterweight division."[33]

Lee defeated three-time champion British boxer Gary Elms by way of knockout in the third round in the 1958 Hong Kong Inter-School amateur Boxing Championships by using Wing Chun traps and high/low-level straight punches.[34] Hawkings Cheung, his fellow Wing Chun street fighter, witnessed the event. Lee knocked-out Pu Chung, a Cai Li Fo fighter, in the roof tops of Hong Kong in a 1958 Full-Contact match. The match was refereed by Wong Shun Leung.[35][36]

The following year, Lee became a member of the "Tigers of Junction Street," and was involved in numerous gang-related street fights. "In one of his last encounters, while removing his jacket the fellow he was squaring off against sucker punched him and blackened his eye. Bruce flew into a rage and went after him, knocking him out, breaking his opponent's arm. The police were called as a result."[37] The incident took place on a Hong Kong rooftop at 10 P.M. on Wednesday, April 29, 1959.[38]

In 1960 in Seattle, Lee backfisted and broke a man's nose after Lee saw him harassing a Chinese girl while Lee was taking a walk. This fight was witnessed by James DeMile in 1960.[39]

In 1962 Lee knocked out Uechi, a Japanese black belt Karateka, in 11 seconds in a 1962 Full-Contact match in Seattle.[40] It was refereed by Jesse Glover[41]. The incident took place in Seattle at a YMCA handball court.[42] Taki Kamura says the battle lasted 10 seconds in contrary to Harts statement.[43] Ed Hart states "The karate man arrived in his gi (uniform), complete with black belt, while Bruce showed up in his street clothes and simply took off his shoes. The fight lasted exactly 11 seconds--I know because I was the time keeper—and Bruce had hit the guy something like 15 times and kicked him once. I thought he'd killed him."[44] The fight ended by Bruce knocking Uechi the length of the gymnasium[45]

In Oakland, California in 1964 at Chinatown, the Chinese community issued an ultimatum to Bruce's dojo to stop teaching non-Chinese[46]. Refusing to be told what to do or to discriminate who is allowed to learn, Lee had been challenged to a combat match with their top fighter Wong Jack Man [47]. Wong had mastery of Xingyiquan, Northern Shaolin, and Tai chi chuan while being a direct student of Ma Kin Fung. The arrangement was that if Lee lost he would have to shut down his school, if he won then Lee would be free to teach Caucasians or anyone else[48]. Wong stated that he requested to fight Lee after Lee issued an open challenge during one of Lee's demonstrations at a Chinatown theater[49]. However, contrary to this claimed motive is the signed formal letter manifested by Dan Chan with signatures by the martial art community, including Chan and Wong, as a petitioned document by the community does not correspond to the motive of responding to an open challenge. "That paper had all the names of the sifu from Chinatown, but they don't scare me." — Bruce Lee[50]

Wong and witness William Chen stated that the fight lasted an unusually long 20-25 minutes[51]. Individuals known to have witnessed the match included Cadwell, James Lee (Bruce Lee's associate, no relation) and William Chen, a teacher of Tai chi chuan. According to Bruce Lee, Linda Lee Cadwell, and James Yimm Lee, the fight lasted 3 minutes with a decisive victory for Bruce. "The fight ensued, it was a no holds barred fight, it took three minutes. Bruce got this guy down to the ground and said 'do you give up?' and the man said he gave up." — Linda Lee Cadwell[52]

Reportedly, Wong Jack Man published his own account of the battle in the Chinese Pacific Weekly, a Chinese-language newspaper in San Francisco, which contained another challenge to Lee for a public rematch[53] Lee had no reciprocation to Wong's article nor were there any further public announcements by either, but Lee had continued to teach Caucasians.

Lee's eventual celebrity put him in the path of a number of men who sought to make a name for themselves by causing a confrontation with Lee. A challenger had invaded Lee's private home in Hong Kong by trespassing into the backyard to incite Lee in combat. Lee finished the challenger violently with a kick, infuriated over the home invasion. Describing the incident, Herb Jackson states,

One time one fellow got over that wall, got into his yard and challenged him and he says 'how good are you?' And Bruce was poppin mad. He [Bruce] says 'he gets the idea, this guy, to come and invade my home, my own private home, invade it and challenge me.' He said he got so mad that he gave the hardest kick he ever gave anyone in his life.[54]

Bob Wall, USPK karate champion and Lee's co-star in Enter the Dragon, recalled one encounter that transpired after a film extra kept taunting Lee. The extra yelled that Lee was "a movie star, not a martial artist," that he "wasn't much of a fighter." Lee answered his taunts by asking him to jump down from the wall he was sitting on. Wall described Lee's opponent as "a gang-banger type of guy from Hong Kong," a "damned good martial artist," and observed that he was fast, strong, and bigger than Bruce.[55]

This kid was good. He was strong and fast, and he was really trying to punch Bruce's brains in. But Bruce just methodically took him apart.[56] Bruce kept moving so well, this kid couldn't touch him...then all of a sudden, Bruce got him and rammed his ass with the wall and swept him up, proceeding to drop him and plant his knee into his opponent's chest, locked his arm out straight, and nailed him in the face repeatedly." — Bob Wall[57]

its sad when the biggest hindrance in mma is not mainstream acceptance, rules discussion, promotional disputes, or even money issues, but the inconsistent god awful judging.
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Originally Posted by BMD View Post
Trick question... Anderson Silva IS Bruce Lee...

How many times did Bruce Lee get submitted again? ;)

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Anderson would not fight Bruce, instead he would bow down and declare his adoration for him. Bruce via handshake.

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Originally Posted by Apokalips View Post
Anderson would not fight Bruce, instead he would bow down and declare his adoration for him. Bruce via handshake.
I don't know. If Anderson does indeed have much heart, you'd think it would be an incredible honour and something he'd want more than anything to challenge his idol. I guess the question in a case like this is - does Anderson have the heart of a champion as well as the talent of a champion?

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Anderson would not fight Bruce Lee or Machida or lil nog

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