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Old 04-28-2014, 03:06 AM   #11
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For two guys that train, get money, and work to violently and systematically take each other out for our entertainment, I thought it was a great move.

Tex wasn't ready for it, and Jones capitalized. AKA looking to win the fight.

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:07 AM   #12
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Aoki won a fight like that lol.

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:09 AM   #13

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The only issue that people may have is the intention of the looks like he was going for a lock, a submission. But after the fight when he said he heard 2 popping sounds he said "yes" that makes people think he may have been trying to do more then just apply a submission and hurt glover, and he did.

I guess that the only issues people may have with that. How jones explained it

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:09 AM   #14

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But.. but... he could have HURT Glover! It's totally disgusting, with absolutely no regards for his opponents health and well being. He should have resorted to those kicks and elbows instead, they're totally fine. But certainly no pulling on someones arm.

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:09 AM   #15

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Originally Posted by Irenaeus View Post
No, it's not at all, and I can't really see it's debatable.

Furthermore, mostly everybody in those threads was pretty clear that it wasn't.

I'm bitching a lot about his finger-fighting, but this was a really cool submission attempt. People should stop trying to divide this entire forum into two strawmen: the nuthuggers and the haters. It's not a useful, nor accurate distinction. On the whole, we need to adress people's arguments instead of speculating on their motivations.
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Originally Posted by thecrosby627 View Post
Aoki won a fight like that lol.
Except in that case the guy's elbow snapped in half. Nice technique, looks like he can really torque on it hard since he's a lot taller than everyone, honestly I thought the fight might be over right there, and the way he cranked on it I'm not surprised that Glover's shoulder was injured.

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:13 AM   #17

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man its a fight and its legal so hell no

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:15 AM   #18

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Personally, I thought the shoulder crank was ok- so I'll preface with that. I'm not a huge fan of standing subs in general, but they're a part of MMA and an additional weapon fighters should be able to use and watch out for in the clinch. Props to Jones for coming out with something a little different and unexpected.

But the premise of the argument was that submissions should be done in a manner that gives the opponent a chance to tap. Subs that are applied in a manner that causes potentially instant damage, with no chance to give up, are a little unsporting- just my opinion. Same reason eyepokes and low blows are unsporting- they're a cheap way of giving you an unfair advantage.

Yes, we're dealing with a sport where inflicting damage is part of the game- but people need to remember this isn't ACTUALLY a fight- it's a sport. And the aim is to win first, with damage being the byproduct- not the aim. That's what people are confusing here.

When you punch someone, you're aiming to knock them out. But once they're out, continuing to pound on them undefended (ala Hendo/Bisping) is really shitty. That's how that works. When you sub someone, you're aiming to make them submit- hence the name 'submission'. Not break their limb. Only badly applied locks or stubborn opponents should end up with broken limbs.

And please, anyone saying 'well if you don't like watching people hurt each other go watch ballet or w/e'- GTFO. I love MMA as much as anyone, and I'm fully entitled to my opinion on this. If you can't control a sub, you shouldn't go for it- these are people's careers on the line. Yes, brain damage is a risk too- but you can't remove every risk from MMA.

As an aside, you know it's illegal to drop people on their necks from slams, right? I.E, if you can't execute a suplex properly, don't fucking do it. The dangers are certainly more pronounced from that (they might die) but the premise remains the same- these are dangerous manoevers that have repercussions, train yourself to do them correctly.

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Old 04-28-2014, 03:16 AM   #19

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I've never seen anyone do that except Aoki in a gif. Was cool as fuck and there was nothing cheap about it, and you could see from Glover's face that it hurt.

By the way, a shoulder crank? I thought Jones was hyperextending the elbow by clasping his hands together with the overhook and then cranking the elbow straight upwards. Can someone elaborate on how it was actually a shoulder crank?

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I'm sure they do, but I honestly can't see how it is cheaper than any other submission that attacks the shoulder. Because he didn't see it coming?

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