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Badass Rickson story (RICKSON GRACIE vs YOJI ANJOH)

Most of you probably heard about this, but it gets me hyped everytime I read about it. I want Rickson to fight again! I didn't write this, a Brazilian guy probably did so there are some errors. It's a bit long but it's worth it.

There are some days which is better you stay at home. You've probably heard this
phrase before, right? But certainly the Japanese Pro-wrestler Yoji Anjoh didnt
take it seriously!!!! The all story started on this way: Takada has started to
make public challenges to Rickson, but he has said that he wouldnt fight Takada
or any Pro-wrestlers, because they make worked fights (Pro-wrestling) and

But the japanese press hyped too much this challenge,and Takada in any
oportunitiy talked some bad words about Rickson,who has started to get pissed
with Takads comemments. But looking for his interets, always stated that if a
promote have paid for this fight, he would fight,but this wasnt his intentions
because he didnt have ant interest to fight a Pro-wrestler.
So, in a nice
day,the japaneses went to Rickson Academy in LA,followed by all the japanese
press.At this hay, Rickson wasnt in the Academy, Limo (Luis Herdia, a Ricksons black belt) was there giving some classes. Actually who challenged
Rickson was a japanese promoter,.Altough for his idol status in Japan, Takada
wasnt there, because there were rumours that Yoji Anjoh was a better fighter
than him. So he was called for this challenge against Rickson. under this
situation, Limao phoned to Rickson house (as was told before Rickson wasnt in the academy So, imediatelly Rickson went for the academy with all the equiment
to film this bout.
As he arrived at the academy, Rickson firstly said that he
didnt want to fight, because he only wanted to fight on a big event with good payment (Rickson even told how much he wanted to fight). So Anjoh,who didnt say
a single until this moment,entered on the discussion and said that Rickson has
already said that he would fight only for his honor, and waited for Rickcons
reaction.Rickson didnt allowed Anjoh complte his speech and imediattely
accepted the fight.But before the bout, he didnt allowed the press to see the
fight, and the japanese promoter and Gracie filmaker were the only witness who
could enter to see the closed fight.
Everything was ready, but there isnt to
much to talk about the fight.Rickson tooked Anjoh down, got the mount, and started to beat the s*** out of Anjoh during fight minutes.After this, Rickson put Anjoh against the wall, and started to beat Anjos head on the wall, then started again to beat the s*** out of Anjoh, who was at this moment with his
totally deformed (black eye, broken teeth, so na almost unconscious Anjoh gave his back to Rick, and was coked out, and literely put to sleep.
So Rickson
allowed the prsse acess to film Anjo, totally demolished wake up. Some days
latter, Yoji Anjo returned to Ricksons Academy to give him a gift and apologize
his challenge.
Special thank's to Bro Hymn (translater) - Magapi Team - Pernambuco

Rickson Gracie iNTERVIEW
Mag: The Japanese fighter (Yoji Anjo) who invaded your dojo, was that related to
anything that happened at the Japan Open 94?
RG: Yes
Mag: Was it politics or the fighter himself?
RG: The politics part, was the manager of the fighter. They are from a U.W.F
with is more like the W.W.F. They are strong guys and well trained, and after
the Japan Open they invited me to fight. I said that I had other projects, and
that I just fight in legit matches, nothing worked. I said thanks and maybe
another time. Then the magazines started to say that I was scared. After that,
the Japanese press wanted to know what position I would take. I said that I
would fight for only 2 reasons, for money or for my honor. Then the one fighter
who was challenge me the most disappeared. Then another U.W.F. fighter, who was
better suited for this kind of fight, started to challenge me. One day an
instructor at my academy called me saying that a guy, who said he represented
the U.W.F, wanted to know if I wanted to fight for them. I said, once again,
that I didn't want to fight for them because they do worked fights. I just fight
legitimately. Then he said that I also fight for my honor. I replied that it was
my honor I was thinking of by refusing. Then the guy said 'Wait a minute' and
then brings in a fighter who was hiding. There was a lot of Japanese press that
I didn't let in. I just let the guy who wanted to fight to enter.
Mag: So you didn't let the press in? They didn't enter?
RG: No they didn't enter. Just the fighter. I just let the press in when I had
beaten him badly. It was different.
Mag: Did you talk with this fighter?
RG: No! He entered, took of his clothes, and then we enter in the ring. It was
different from a fight when I look for a choke against the opponent. Because in
this fight, if I won and he gave up, he could lie. Then I started to worry about
hurting him. I hit him with many punches. I broke his nose, and he really began
to bleed. After that I put him to sleep (choke). When he was sleeping, I let the
press in. 5 days after, he came back with a gift for me. It was a samurai
helmet. He asked for forgiveness for invading my academy. He said he had no
intentions of doing that again. He asked if I could give him another
opportunity. I responded that I could guarantee him entrance in the Japan Open.
He said he is going to think about it and didn't give me an answer. Then he

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Well, the full that the Rickson-Yoji Anjoh fight ignited a feud between the Gracies and the UWFi. Anjoh was first to fall...Sano and Takada followed. Even the great Masa Funaki fell to Rickson. Then, of course...Sakuraba returned the favor with interest.

God Bless America and the Gipper.
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That is an interesting story. Had never heard it before.

Thanks for the post.

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U just found that out???

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I heard this along time ago. I heard that one of Ricksons students pulled out a video and got it on tape. I'd love to see that.

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Great story! I've never heard that one before.


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yeah, then saku spent a couple years clowining on the gracie name..... leaving it shattered , oh well, id take chute and BTT over gracie anyday ;

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Originally Posted by Kforcer
Well, the full that the Rickson-Yoji Anjoh fight ignited a feud between the Gracies and the UWFi. Anjoh was first to fall...Sano and Takada followed. Even the great Masa Funaki fell to Rickson. Then, of course...Sakuraba returned the favor with interest.


1) congrats on making mod

2) thanks for the supplemental info about the feud

3) best fight we never saw was sak x rickson

4) damn man, do you have to keep reagan as your avatar!!!

take care man.

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The Hsza

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Yeah seriously, how old is this thread?

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