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Grappling Technique You don't know a heel hook from a toe hold, and that's why you need to come here.

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Old 03-28-2012, 01:25 AM   #41
The K1000

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Originally Posted by NastyNugs View Post
what about grabbing your own leg from the bottom in side control? I will be on the bottom of side control and will squeeze my inside leg against the ribs of the top guy and reach over my training partners back to grab the back of my own knee. I will only do this if i'm tired and want to frustrate/ make the top guy move. As for him going for subs on my outside arm i usually will be hugging their back/side with that arm. Anyone know any seeps from this position? or anyways to defeat it, other than a cross face. You cant get KOB because I'm trapping your torso from making space.
You're holding your opponent to you instead of creating space, I'd be saying thanks.

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i like the knee on belly option if i can get it, but my transition there is pretty weak. what i do find, though, is if they cross the knee like that, their mobility sucks and it's easier to surf to the other side and start attacking from there instead.

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Originally Posted by Makhno View Post
I've said it before on here, but this video (actually the version on Trumpet Dan's site) greatly improved my top game. Actually, it kinda gave me one. This is one of those techniques that have rarely failed me, and probably only then because I'm a big dumbass and fucked up a long time ago. The biggest problem I have with this is when they grab the foot crossing over them, in which case i usually just hop back to side control and try again (i'm sure there's a better re-counter, though).

This video is so much better than the youtube. I cant even watch my youtube videos anymore. They make me cringe.

Grappling Basics

I do have something for the foot grab! its easy but hard to explain online. I position my left leg (the one not being grabbed) in a way that blocks them from grabbing it

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People who do this are giving you an arm triangle. I like to grab there shoulder and use heavy shoulder pressure until they move there hand up close to my face or head and do this...

Skip to 42:31

Rolled Up Episode 30: Evolution through Diversification with Erik Paulson Budovideos Online

Once you get your knee in that hole and your shoulder pressure turning his head its very hard to move on the bottom. You head is going one way and your hips are going the other, very uncomfortable.

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The arm triangle option above is very good also, if you can get that arm scoop.

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Originally Posted by The K1000 View Post
You're holding your opponent to you instead of creating space, I'd be saying thanks.
I am holding my opponent, also controlling his movement. I decide when I want to make /remove space and when I want to escape, if I pull my leg closer to my body it will open up space and I will then proceed to straighten out my leg, shrimp and put my knee inside,(moving quickly). .

I usually will only do this when i'm tired and am more worried about them getting mount or going to north south than sweeping or establishing my guard. I do this especially for people who are real spazzy and it will stop them from doing anything. My far arm will usually be under their throat so I don't get americana'd or Kimura'd. BTW I'm a white belt.

Any one see any major flaws in this defense, other than while i'm holding it I cant really do much? Or subs or sweeps I have from this position?

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Originally Posted by nikko1 View Post
I read somewhere that for the guy on the bottom it is actually a disadvantage to have his knee up like that because all that does is secure the top person in side control. The top guy lets say may not get into mount but it still leaves him in a dominant position to still pull off a submission eg americana. If I was the guy on the bottom i'd hope I could catch the top guys leg from mounting and hopefully catch half guard. I hope that makes sense, Im just a white belt but what do I know right?!
Whenever someone puts their leg up like this it glues their hips to the mat, never a good thing in JJ.

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that shit is MOUNT CITY SON, get with it

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I use this defense when I'm tired and it's decent at stalling but not much else. I frame for it though by pressing my arch into my knee and then base off the leg to drive into their side While my elbow presses the hip from opposite side pinning them a bit. People get around it by just abandoning mount and taking submission options, but if you're quick u can use sub attempts to initiate a scramble. Still, mostly used for stalling and as long as u just move on to north south or begin working for a sub they will gain nothing from it on bottom.

Edit: I am a one stripe white belt so my advice is purely from being the guy on bottom and just shedding light on how they make me pay for it

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I've heard that "defense" called the "TV watching position". As in, you should only be in it when you're watching TV.

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Talk about dying with your boots on...
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