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How to harden blisters/tender skin?

Basically, the skin of both my big toes tore off pretty badly last night at muay thai. I carried on however couldn't really give my all into any kicks as the friction was simply too painful. I had to peel off the skin because it was too large to ignore and I figured it would delay the healing process, and although it seems a big rougher today im not sure it will be okay for tomorrows training. I will be going to training either way but I was wondering whether their is any tried and proven techniques anyone has come across to harden the skin or desensitize the area?

Ps. if you are wondering how it could happen, I have baby smooth feet and the floor at my gym is like carpet. My trainer believes the skin will harden overtime but any help in the short term would be great. thanks.

ps.2 if this is the wrong forum them by all means direct me to the appropriate forum. I am sorry if this is the case however I am new to the forum.

again, thanks!

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Rubbing surgical spirit into your feet is supposed to toughen them up.

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Get any kind of liquid bandage and apply plenty of it. The skin will eventually toughen up but it takes time and you might want to take a few days off to let it heal if its severe. The skin used to tear off the ball of my foot but after over a year of training it has toughened up and isnt an issue anymore. Not sure why you're training on carpet though that seems kind of shady

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As it heals it does harden, not quite sure how to make harden faster.

But use Nu-Skin to get some protection now it provides a seal over the wound and keeps out bacteria and heals faster.

On a side note scrub and clean the s*** out of it to keep from getinig infections and cuz Nu-Skin burns like hell when your wounds are dirty.

My big toes skin ripped off from wrestling and submission practice it sucks!

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Try pivoting on the ball of your foot maybe......

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I will be going to training either way...
Don't go back until they heal. Skin infections are common in gyms... you just stated the reason.

My trainer believes the skin will harden overtime but any help in the short term would be great.
He's right. You can tape the sensitive areas to reduce friction in the meantime, though.

Here's how to properly treat blisters: Blisters-Home Treatment. I've had plenty of experience with blisters (long-distance running, military road marches, etc, etc...), and I consider this sound advice.

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Vinegar for blisters turns them into leather, or so my coach told me, I tried it and seemed to work OK.

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start wearing flip flops, from what I've seen everyone who wears flip flops all the time have a shit load of callouses. wearing socks/sneakers is probably why your feet are so soft. they stay moisturized with sweat and are cushioned from friction by the socks.

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When I used to get them on my hands at work I would rub dirt, or whatever else I could onto the open wound to dry it out. They would heal within a day and be a lot tougher. Looking back, I probably could have chosen something other than dirt... idiot.

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Jacob Coile
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When I first started doing Capoeira the school had cheap hard carpet floors and I'd rip up the bottoms of my feet over and over and they did eventually toughen up to the point that I could walk on black-top barefoot during the summer here in Florida.

Then we started training in an old street hockey place that was all rough concrete and I ripped them up again... this second toughing up has left me with the ugliest toughest feet of anyone I know it even allowed me to go to Bahia and through down in the street rodas with no problems on their ganster roads down there. - (My friends and I used to to joke that you could tell a grappler by there ugly ears and a Capoeirista by there ugly feet!)

My point is it will toughen as the coach told you, look up Capoeira Foot balm/cream as they say this really helps the healing... I never used this myself I just ripped off the flapping skin, cleaned it with alcohol and peroxide (insert scream), and every now and then treated them with natural lotion or vitamin e oils, but got to let them dry good too...

Good luck and collect those feet scars/blisters with prider brother!

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