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On the advice of the Prince George's County Police Sexual Assault Unit, I am going to post this publicly.

The situation has been reported to them with as much relevant detail that I currently know -- to include the allegations of sexual assault on a girl as young as 14. This has all been noted, and the police will be familiar with the situation if any victims are willing to come forward.

However, victims will need to come forward personally in this situation. An official police report cannot be filed until this happens. The officer I spoke with stressed how important it was that ALL victims come forward because it will greatly help the investigation.

The officer also stressed that there is nothing for the victims to fear. There are procedures in place to protect any victims that come forward. Everyone in the Sexual Assault Unit was very helpful and understanding. They are professionals and will help all of the victims obtain justice.

They asked that I provide their direct line for any victims to come forward. That number is 301-772-4908. Again, this is the direct line to the Prince George's County Police Sexual Assault Unit, so you won't have to wait while going through the dispatcher. Just reference the situation here, and they will know what you are talking about.

Please repost this in the other forums if you can.

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