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Originally Posted by Its Me Austin View Post
Lot of teams in there I think are very "over-rated".... with USC leading the pack at #2. Granted, playing in the PAC should help their shot at a NC. Oregon at #4?? FSU at #7 also, albeit the ACC will be kind of weak also. I don't expect WVU to be anywhere near the top 10 by the end of the year. The Big 12 is a BIG step up from the Big Least. TCU will have the same issue.

I'm a little curious why Arkansas would be at 13 below Stanford. Stanford has lost a GREAT head coach and GREAT qb in the last 2 years. Arkansas lost their head coach, but is still loaded with talent.

I don't expect KSU to remain in the top 25. Bill Synder is a GREAT coach, but they "lucked out" big time in a LOT of games last year.

I think it will be interesting to see where Florida and Texas end up. They have HUGE $$ and access to the best of the best recruits. Both have been down for a few years now. I can't imagine both will stay down for long.

Washington is a top 25 team?? Ranked ahead of Okie State and Nebraska??

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