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Bj Penn still bitter with Nick Diaz tactics at UFC 137

Ariel Helwani asks Bj why he felt the need to call out Nick on twitter after the fight.

Bj Penn : " People can talk about and say we were friends and all that stuff, but he was pretty disrespectful before the fight, during the fight, after the fight."

About the picture of Bj and Nick in the locker room after the fight:

" I dont know if i tweeted out a picture with me and him. I know Cesar Gracie came in and wanted to take a picture of us. You know it wasn't like hey Nick your my best friend come lets take a picture together you know it's a picture. Cesar Gracie wanted to do it i guess, i don't know for his own photo album or whatever but you know that's kind of what happened"

On the fight and build up to UFC 137

" You know i was sitting there re watching the fight and i saw him like bump me in between rounds i remember and he tried to headbutt me at the weigh ins and do different things.
And i remember seeing an interview before and him saying oh everyone always tries to hold Bj, push him against the fence and do this and that. Im gonna go out and fight him and i start catching him with a few punches and he pushes me right to the fence."

" But you know what now that i look back at it, thats how he fights. I think more than maybe we all talk about his boxing skills but i guess thats maybe just how he kinda fights i guess. He doesn't fight in the middle of the ring and box with people i guess he more pushes them on the fence because i remember after that watching him fight with Carlos Condit and that's all he kinda he wanted to do and thats what Carlos made sure he wasn't gonna let happen to him."

" At the end of the day that was a very lackluster fight but that wasn't on Diaz side, you know Diaz was trying to push the action but Carlos had is game plan and you know i guess that's just how Nick fights".

On whether he still has beef with Diaz:

" You know i don't know beef or whatever but you said you were gonna come out and fight me and you push me against the cage."
"But like i said now that i look back maybe it's just the way he fights. To him that's not coming out and trading punches with me."

He then goes on to say how he has no friends in MMA and how fighters should not be friends.

It's funny to see how Bj is so bitter at Nick for the way he fought against him. I can't believe Bj saying that Nick said he was gonna come to fight and didn't. He beat the hell outta Bj standing like no one else has before.

The video is below. Interview with Bj starts at about 1:46. There's also a funny interview with Chael Sonnen at the beginning which is a must see + interviews with Renzo Gracie, Sean Sherk and Braulio Estima.

The MMA Hour Is Back - MMA Fighting

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