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Originally Posted by Darwinist View Post
The fantasy MMORPG as we know it is going to die soon. No way can people be tempted endlessly to mindlessly grind and level up just to compete for yet another set of "must-have" trinkets.

The next big MMO breakthrough will come when someone is able to come up with a new spin on things, coming up with new levels of interactivity and strategy.

I have high hopes for the MMO-shooter Dust 514. I know EVE Online is not everyone's cup of tea(people seem to either love it and play it forever or immediately grow to dislike the game), but I think Dust might reel in a significant portion of the FPS crowd and do a lot to change our preconceptions of what an MMO is.

Gamescom: Dust 514 -- Most Ambitious Game of the Show? - PlayStation 3 Preview at IGN
Coincidentally, I'm cautiously optimistic about the World of Darkness MMO by the same developers. They've only released an engine demo and couple interviews about some concepts, but it sounds kinda like they're really striving to take the pen and paper RPG experience and put it into a sandbox MMO.

With that IP, there's a lot of possibilities. And I really think they're gonna try and break the mold.

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