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Originally Posted by GSPSAKU View Post
"I won't fight JDS because he's a cool dude and a friend....but I'll fight my training partner and CLOSE FRIEND Rashad Evans."

I love what Jon Jones does in the cage but don't care for the what he has to say outside of it.
What he actually said (Question being if he was Champ):

"It's Dana's world when you're a UFC fighter and we live in it," Jones said. "So, I respect Dana a lot, and if that's what he absolutely wanted to happen, I guess that's what would have to happen. Me or Rashad would not want to get fired over the situation. It would just be majorly awkward for us. Rashad and I have a lot in common: we're both young, African-American men with families. We both like to sing, have fun. We're both elite MMA fighters. We have a lot in common, and we both really clicked really well. There's just so many other great fighters in the world that we could compete against. And you know, we're not animals. We're friends, we're human beings. I would hate to have to fight my own teammate. I would never want to."
The Moment Everything Supposedly Changed for Jon Jones and Rashad Evans - MMA Fighting

Clear overreaction by Rashad. Who like many others like to butcher what Jones actually said.

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