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Originally Posted by Sebchenier View Post
I recently started seeing this girl and we had sex.. and it was the most awkward sex I ever had. Before we started she said "Just to let you know, I don't have sex, I make love" and I'm thinking "yeah, ok whatever. She probably likes the slow non kinky stuff then". So we're having sex and the whole time she's looking straight into my eyes and staring into the deepest layer of my soul and wouldn't stop interlocking my fingers with hers. Then she would say, and I shit you not, "stay with me, stay with me... shhhh it's ok, stay with me". It was boring and awkward.

Fuckin 'ell. I blame Hollywood. Cavemen didn't have sex like that.

Also, her room was laced with "chicken soup for the soul" books. Gives you an idea.
She probably thought this was the hottest scene of all time (from "Dexter"):
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