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Originally Posted by jehosafats View Post
Well Reagan presided over massive peacetime deficits and tripled the national debt. This isn't the Reagan-Bush I era. The IMF predicted this would be an unusually deep recession with slow recovery: IMF Survey: Global Recession to Be Long, Deep with Slow Recovery

Two features of the current recession—its association with deep financial crisis and its highly synchronized nature—suggest that it is likely to be unusually severe and followed by a slow recovery, according to new IMF research.

All things considered we're hardly in such dire straits judging by recent market performance and the shockingly modest rises in incomes.
He presided over the largest peacetime expansion in US history actually

He also ended the Cold War and was president during a critical time in history in regards to The Cold War

Obama has had record 1+ trillion dollar deficits 3 years and running. He hasn't even come close to his own administration's economic predictions to where the country should be financially at this point in his presidency.

The Left is pushing their propaganda hard right now and its only going to get worse as we get closer to November.

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