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Originally Posted by Zanatos333 View Post
I am definitely biased but I don't get the Braun situation at all. Why would the arbitrator side with Braun in this case if all three seals weren't tampered with? Also does the testing process suck so much that they didn't catch Braun the previous 25 times?

Braun's stats and size didn't jump. He didn't go from being a mediocre player to a great one. Guys like Bautista who goes from hitting 15 hrs a year to over 40. Hell even Kemp, who has been classy throughout all of this, had a big increase in production.

So if he was doing so well why cheat now and have nothing to show for it? Or why does the testing suck so much that it took 26 tests to get him with a testosterone level insanely high? This guy wasn't barely over. He was 20:1.
PEDs are not always taken just to look like Mark McGwire and hit 70 home runs. They are very beneficial in recovery from injuries and just the every day wear that playing 20-25 games a month can put on a player.

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