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Originally Posted by Jack V Savage View Post
It's almost impossible to answer that. Do you count streamlining regulations and eliminating redundant ones (Regulation Reform | The White House) as "new regulations"? What's a "substantial economic effect"? Etc. It goes without saying that the administration is not going to initiate new regulations unless it expects them to have a positive economic effect (as of last year, Cass Sunstein was estimating a net benefit of $25B), and it equally goes without saying that right-wing blogs will claim that anything the administration does or doesn't do has hugely negative economic effects. And even after the fact, figuring out who is right is difficult and contentious, and then aggregating all the results presents its own set of challenges. I think it's safe to say, though, that in almost all cases, the effects of regulations in either direction, like regulation as an issue generally, are overblown--they're more widely discussed than their impact would justify.
Way to dodge the question.

The answer is, new regulation has increased significantly under the Obama admin.

-Final rulemaking has increased.

-Substantial regs, meaning costing an estimated $100 million or more have increased at a faster rate. There have been 75 since mid 2011.

-Right wing sources have the cost of new regs at approx $38 billion, whilst the "regulatory reform" of the admin has saved only 1 billion. Red Tape: Rising Cost of Government Regulation (non-partisan) supports that the first two years of the Obama admin have seen a sharp increase in costly new regulations from the first two years of teh Bush administration. Bush's regulations cost approx. 60 billion over 8 years- Obama's regulatory cost was 40 billion in a little over two years. : Cherry-picking on Regulation

-David Brooks, a liberal, admits that the cost of regulation had increased significantly under Pres. Obama, but takes issue with Republican hyperbole on the issue.

So would you now admit that the Obama admin. has imposed a greater regulatory burden on the country on an annual basis than his predecessor?

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