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PED/TUE/testing talk

Hey, just I'd post a link to an article I found intesting/informative about current drug testing and some of its weaknesses, possible fixes and some mention of TUE (therapeutic use exemptions). Its a long article so I'm just going to post a couple tidbits and you can follow the link to the whole article on

In MMA's War on Drugs, Some Experts Say We're Not Fighting the Right Battles - MMA Fighting

A couple interesting lines...

A quote from Dr. Don Caitlin

"They like testosterone because they can use a form of testosterone that’s short-acting. It’s on and off in a day or two," he said. "Stanozolol is pretty good, but that has complications, including some liver troubles. Testosterone doesn’t have those kind of troubles, but you take it for life."

Dr. Margaret Goodman

"The smart fighter, the fighter who plans ahead, can probably pass the tests that are done by the athletic commissions every time," said Goodman, a Las Vegas-based neurologist... True unannounced testing gives the athlete about an hour’s notice. That’s the way we do it with VADA, that’s how it’s done with the Olympic program, and that’s the way it should be done. It’s the only way to really do an unannounced program."
A Quote from Keith Kizer...

"I think there’s an impression among the general public that everybody’s getting exemptions for [testosterone replacement therapy]. I can’t speak for other states, but for us it’s probably about one a year asking and it’s 50/50 whether they’ll get approved. To even ask you’ve got to be able to prove that your testosterone is below normal -- not just low -- but below normal. Then you have to have a note from your doctor detailing your treatment plan, what the underlying cause is, showing that it’s not going to put you at undue risk or give you an unfair advantage, and then our doctor talks to their doctor."

Applicants are then asked whether they’ve ever failed a test for performance-enhancing drugs, whether they’ve ever used them either in this sport or others, and what other treatments they might have tried. Even then, applications are ultimately denied as often as they’re approved, Kizer said.
A Quote from Dr. Johnny Benjamin...

"I think one place where an arbitrary line has been drawn is with marijuana use," said Benjamin, who noted that fighting under the influence of the drug would be dangerous for combatants and make brain injuries harder to diagnose, "but if someone smokes marijuana several days before competition, obviously it’s not still active in their system. They’re no longer high or under the influence, but they still have metabolites, and are likely to fail a urine test. That’s a very gray area to me."

Your thoughts?

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