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Originally Posted by trojansc82 View Post
My girlfriend is originally from Sendai and I can't believe the amount of whining coming out of the fighter's mouths. Japan just suffered one of the worst natural disasters in human history. Over 27,000 people could have died in the tsunami and at one point half a million people were homeless.

I'm not saying the fighters shouldn't get paid, they absolutely should. They just sound like real assholes complaining about that right now. My girlfriend's mom had her half a million dollar business sucked into the Pacific Ocean.

I'm sure K-1 will pay these guys. They might just have to wait a little bit longer.
shut the fuck up....what are you babbling about????

as if the late payments have anything to do with the tsunami??? people haven't been paid in more than a year...others like sefo owe them from more than a year ago........k1 is in deep shit and that's not because of the don't blame it on such a horrific event...

that's just fucking lame

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