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Obama Defends Recession Budget

Complete video at: - President Obama: Big Spending Needed for Recovery

Obama makes three points in response to accusations that he is "mortgaging our children's future" with his plans for the federal budget. Obama discusses his plans to cut wasteful spending and reform health care.

Do you agree that 'the worst thing we can do in a recession this severe is to try to cut government spending at the same time as families and businesses are cutting back on their spending'?

Do we really need to 'lay a new foundation' to speed up growth?

Do you agree with where Obama places blame for our economic woes?

Do you agree that we need 'entitlement reform' in the form of health-care reform?

i just made a simple comment and atheists come all over me
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I'm not arguing with you. That would be pointless, because you're insane.

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